You are likely never to have heard of Zhuhai – located in the southwest of China’s Pearl River delta, Zhuhai is southern China’s best kept secret. Having just been a small fishing village in the 1970’s before being granted Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status, Zhuhai was incorporated as a city in 1979. It’s growth since then has been remarkable – the quality of life as well as population size have shifted significantly in the past 30 years. Zhuhai lies along the zigzagging coast of South Eastern China, overlooking the vast expanse of blue water and undulating green hills in the north. Thanks to its excellent geographic location, clean air and warm climate, Zhuhai is regarded as one of the most comfortable places to live in China. With just 820,000 inhabitants in the city proper and a total of 1.4 million in the metro region, Zhuhai is small by Chinese standards. Zhuhai also features an extraordinary location for travel, in addition to sharing a border with Macau, it is a 70 minute ferry ride from Shenzhen and Hong Kong – the flight hub of southeast Asia. Detailed information about the city and practicalities when living here can be found on; http://wikitravel.org/en/Zhuhai. Also, www.deltabridges.com/zhuhai has lots of useful information and listings and for up to date info on social events and to get involved with the local Chinese and foreign community, you should register for Zhuhai Nights here; www.zhuhainights.com.

Sights and activities: Zhuhai is a modern city with plenty of attractions. Both Chinese and foreign visitors are coming in increasding numbers to take advantage of its scenery, relaxed atmosphere and year-round warm climate. Zhuhai has three main districts: Jida, Xiangzhou and Gongbei. Jida is the central business district (CBD) of Zhuhai and is home to the majority of its companies; Intern China’s office is in Jida and the chances are that your internship will be in or around the Jida area. Xiangzhou is home to many local shops and much residential development, being home of the fishing port, it is the oldest zone of Zhuhai. Gongbei is situated in the south of the city at the border with Macau. Gongbei hosts many different bars and other amusements as well as some great restaurants. This proximity with Macau and Hong Kong bring alot of influence to the culture and food.

In the middle of the city, Jinshan Park is a wonderful green space and offers some of the best vistas of the area at the top. After either walking (1+ hour) or taking a chairlift up, you can opt for taking the alpine toboggan down the mountain for a small fee. Make sure not to miss the New Yuan Ming Palace close to the city centre. It is a “life-size” replica of the Yuan Ming Palace in Beijing that also hosts a museum detailing the history of Zhuhai.
Make sure not to miss out on a leisurely stroll on Lovers’ Road and catch a glimpse of the famous Fisher Girl statue, the symbol of the city. If shopping is what you crave, prepare yourself to enter the cavernous labyrinth of underground stores right at the Macau border – do not forget to bargain! After emerging from the Gongbei underground shopping mall and seeing daylight for the first time in a few hours, a trip to the environs of Zhuhai to the Imperial Hot Springs is in order!

Social Scene and Nightlife: The best website to get idea of the nightlife and social scene in Zhuhai is zhuhainights.com. You should check out our blog to stay up-to date with what our interns have been up to, as well. One of our favourite places (along with many other Westerners) is “The Office” bar in Xiangzhou, offering a good mix of east and west in a familiar environment. Also make sure to hit-up bar street in Gongbei for a great night (and morning!) out. The scene in Zhuhai is undoubtedly new but it will not fail to impress! If you’re looking for a quick weekend excursion, you can walk over to Macau, ferry to Shenzhen or Hong Kong and even take the new high-speed train to Guangzhou!

In general, life in Zhuhai is cheap and easy going. Zhuhai has a good mix of foreign style conveniences so that you can buy all the things you are used to back home, but also tons of local places where you can eat, drink and buy daily necessities at a fraction of the cost of back home. It is very cheap to get around, with the bus only costing 2-3 RMB to most locations across the city and an average taxi ride costing 15 RMB. For 15 RMB you can also go swimming at one of Zhuhai’s numerous outdoor swimming pools! The language can be tricky, but it is not prohibitive. People are helpful and we will give you the necessary things you need, plus you can book a package including Chinese classes, which significantly contribute to making your life easier in Zhuhai!

One advantage of using an agency like InternChina is that we can help to ease you into life in China. We will pick you up from the airport, take you to your accommodation, introduce you to your internship company on the first day of work and help you find your feet with an orientation meeting in our office and with regular events organized to bring you together with other interns from all over the world.

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