Hochschule Fresenius Summer School: 
The Hochschule Fresenius summer school has been organised by InternChina for 3 successful years, with a view to continuing!
The 2 month programme consists of:
1 week in Beijing exploring amazing sights such as the great wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, the Summer Palace and many more!
1 week in Shanghai visiting the Bund, Nanjing road, Yuyuan gardens and even a trip to the world famous water town - Suzhou.
After these exciting sightseeing weeks the group moves to Qingdao where they undertake 2 weeks of Chinese lanaguage classes in the mornings followed by Chinese culture classes in the afternoons. The students experience everything from Kung Fu on the beach, Chinese business masterclasses to traditional tea ceremonies.
For the final 4 weeks the students are taken to seperate companies for an internship of their choice. All sectors are available and in the past we have successfully organised marketing, trade, finance, law and engineering positions for the students.

Hochschule Fresenius