who we are
InternChina was founded in 2007 and since then we’ve brought over 2000 students and recent graduates from countries all over the world to experience the ‘real China’. We are the market leader for internships in China with a fantastic team of people which is growing all the time. Our main aim is to create opportunities for people to gain an insight into the Chinese business world. Our programmes have the right mix of having support on hand, encouraging independence, learning about a culture that is fundamentally different to that in the west and by having fun in one of the most exciting countries in the world, the InternChina experience will go far beyond a nice entry on your CV.
what we are all about

InternChina’s 3 core values

1. Transparency & Sustainability: To be ethical, thorough and accurate when working with students, host families, universities and partner companies, in order to make every aspect of our business sustainable in the long-term
2. Service which goes the ‘extra mile’: To go beyond 9 to 5 and make extra effort where necessary to ensure clients are happy. We have only grown to where we are now based on positive feedback, references and recommendations.
3. Have fun and be professional: To strike a perfect balance between a friendly approach and a high level of professionalism

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InternChina offices, team and contact details
Email: info@internchina.com
Skype: internchina
UK Office: +44 (0) 161 8188824
InternChina, Innospace, The Shed, Chester Street, Manchester, M1 5GD, UK
Germany Office: +49 (0) 6131 9064706
InternChina, Erthalstr. 1, 55118 Mainz, Germany
Qingdao Office: +86 532 8667 5167
Jindu Hua Yuan, Building C, Room 16 A, 37, Donghai West Road, Qingdao 266071, PR China
Chengdu Office: +86 28 8667 3983
Cheng Nan Tian Fu, Room 20-04, Floor 20, Building 2, No.66 Sheng He Yi Road, 610094 Chengdu PR China
Zhuhai Office: +86 756 3961 064
Hong Ta Mansion, Floor 6, Office 606, No. 244 Shui Wan Road, Ji Da, 519000 Zhuhai, PR China
Dalian Office: +86 135 1814 1649
Rm 925, Xiwang Tower, 136 Zhongshan Rd, Zhongshan District  116000, Dalian PR China
InternChina Mainz office
InternChina Zhuhai office
InternChina Chengdu office
InternChina Dalian office
InternChina story
InternChina 2006
Frank Lenhardt arrives in Qingdao, meets Duan Yifan & the InternChina story begins.
InternChina 2007
Company is registered in China, Frank visits German university Partners, first interns placed in Qingdao.
InternChina 2008
Internship & Homestay programme grows, first students from France, USA & Canada placed.
InternChina 2009
Continued demand leads to recruitment of Jamie Bettles & Leo Wang at the end of 2009.
InternChina 2010
First British University Partnerships established, over 100 Interns placed in Qingdao in 2010.
InternChina 2011
IC establishes 2nd office in Zhuhai, successfully placing students in the south of China
InternChina 2012
IC supplies British Government Sponsored ‘Study China programme’ & first Hochschule Fresenius Summer School. Jack Fairhead recruited.
InternChina 2013
IC opens a 3rd office in Chengdu, establishes marketing office in Manchester & signs contract with the British Council.
InternChina 2014
IC extends British Council contract, agrees partnerships with several more universities and launches GoChina.
InternChina 2015
IC continues to deliver amazing programmes and opens new offices in Mainz (Germany) and Dalian (China)
InternChina 2016
IC extends British Council contract, agrees partnerships with lots more universities and corporations around the world… You can browse our partnerships here.
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