Qingdao 3


Qingdao is best known for an array of seafood specialities and Shandong style of cooking, characterised by its light aroma and fresh taste. People are often glad to hear that the food in Qingdao isn’t incredibly spicy but is still wonderfully flavourful.
Some of the most famous dishes in Qingdao include sautéed clams, caramelised sweet potato, crispy aubergine and all kinds of seafood. The city is also well known for its amazing street barbeque.

If seafood isn’t your favourite thing to eat, there are plenty of other options. Halal noodle dishes and sumptuous vegetable options can also be found, along with plenty of places to try cuisine from all over China. And of course, there is an abundance of foreign restaurants too, including Japanese and Korean food influenced by Qingdao’s proximity to South Korea.