We’re delighted to be working with Dongbei University of Finance & Economics in Dalian to offer a fantastic way to gain practical work experience that’s relevant to your career, get a grounding in a new language & culture, but also have an amazing summer experience in one of China’s most delightful Northern cities!


The Programme:

The programme consists of a 2-month internship, with an introduction to Chinese language & culture at the start of your summer experience in China, with full support from our Dalian team throughout.

The programme dates are fixed, and numbers are limited with only 15 spaces available over the summer. These will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.


Arrival in China from: 12th July 2019
Programme start date: 14th July 2019
Internship start date: 22nd July 2019
Internship end date: 13th September 2019
Departure from China by: 15th September 2019

More About InternChina

Dalian from above



Programme Fee – £2,495

You’re able to register your interest in the programme, apply to as many different internships in Dalian as you like and only when you’ve been accepted by a host company and you’re 100% happy to take part, would we look to send an invoice and confirm your place on the programme. Before this point, there’s no financial commitment of any kind.

Once your programme is finalised, we also offer flexible payment terms which you can find out more information on here.

What’s included:

  • Full time internship in sector of your choice
  • 15 hours of beginner Mandarin language classes
  • Chinese culture classes
  • Private university accommodation
  • Visa processing and all related fees
  • City tour and orientation
  • Airport pick-up and welcome pack on arrival
  • Overnight trip to the Great Wall of China and North Korea border
  • 24/7 support from our local team
  • Access to additional trips and activities throughout the programme
  • Comprehensive travel & medical insurance for the full duration
  • Invitation to InternChina’s global alumni network

What’s not included:

  • Return flights to and from Dalian
  • Food, drink and commuting to/from your internship
  • Day to day spending money on treats and hobbies in your spare time



We have a variety of internships based in Dalian, all of whom would be happy to consider applicants from different educational backgrounds and nationalities. We have some great sales, marketing, sport, NGO’s, fashion, trade, media and many more positions available for you choose from.

A full list of the Dalian internships can be found here.


Introductory Course

Before your internship, you’ll take part in a hugely rewarding week of language and culture classes, plus some amazing tourist activities. You’ll have 15 hours of beginner classes in Mandarin Chinese, some fun Chinese culture classes in the afternoon with some tourism activities over the first and second weekend.

An example of the introductory programme can be found here.

Please note, although we can guarantee that everything shown on the itinerary will be included in the week programme, the precise time or day of each activity is subject to change.


Eligibility Criteria

All applicants are welcome, however you must be able to commit to either of the programme options in full.

What's the application process?

  1. Register your interest for the programme via the form below.
  2. Our team in Manchester will respond with some example internships, ask for your preferences of those you’re wanting to apply for and request your CV.
  3. Once we have your CV and a list of the internships you’re wanting to apply for, the team in Manchester will pass your application over to the Dalian members of staff.
  4. The team in Dalian will then discuss your internship preferences, provide lots more information regarding those you’ve selected and look to introduce you to the host companies for a Skype/WeChat video interview.
  5. Once you’ve had the opportunity to speak with some of our partner companies in Dalian, we’ll ask for yours and their feedback. If they’re happy to accept and you’re happy with the internship, we’ll look to finalise your place on the programme.
  6. When you’ve agreed the internship and which programme option is best for you, we’ll issue you with a booking form which outlines the details of the programme and confirms what’s included.
  7. When you’re happy to sign the booking form, your place on the programme is guaranteed and you can then book your flights to China.
  8. Arrive in China in summer 2019 for an amazing experience.

Do I need Chinese to take part in the programme?

No, absolutely not. This programme is designed for those who’s level of Chinese proficiency is absolutely zero and the classes are included at the start to help you learn a basic amount to then use throughout the rest of your time on the programme.

What if I already speak Chinese?

The classes are covering the basics of Mandarin only and a required element of your programme to attend. If you’re already at a higher level, use the time in class to practice the basics and get to know the fellow participants.

How many hours per week is the internship?

For the first week of the programme you’ll be attending language and culture classes on a daily basis. When your internship starts on the second week of you being in China, you’ll be expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours a week but will always have the weekends off to relax/explore.

What visa will I have?

You’ll be provided a short-term, single entry study visa as part of the programme that will cover the full duration of your time in China.

What's the cost of living like in Dalian?

Much lower than the West! We have a budgeting guide that will explain what you should expect to spend when in China here.

Are the internships paid?

Due to visa restrictions in China and the short-term nature of the internships, all of the internships are unpaid.

When is the deadline to apply?

There’s no official deadline, but we only have 15 places to offer for summer 2019, so we anticipate these to be filled by the spring.

Why is there a programme deposit?

At the time you’re looking to confirm your place on the programme, we’ll ask for a £200 fully refundable accommodation deposit.

At the end of your time in Dalian we’ll check over your accommodation and if there’s no damages we’ll simply refund in full the funds to a nominated worldwide bank account of your choice.


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Thursday Dinner with the Interns
Group trip to Harbin
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Enjoying the summer weather
Temple tours in the sun


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