Generation UK

Generation UK – Class of 2018

The Generation UK – China programme was launched by the British Council in 2013, aiming to help 80,000 students from the UK to boost their employability, enhance their long-term job prospects and develop a global mindset through study and work experiences in China.

The programme offers students and graduates the chance to complete a 2-month internship in one of three cities in China; Chengdu, Qingdao and Zhuhai.

By encouraging UK students to engage with China, Generation UK aims to bring young people from both countries closer together, increase mutual understanding, and pave the way to lasting links and partnerships between the UK and China.

Since 2013, InternChina has sent hundreds of students and graduates to China on the Generation UK funded programme, and below are some of our alumni from the 2018 cohort.

Katie Trippitt


Katie Trippett of Lancaster University worked in an International Trading Company in Zhuhai in summer 2018. She learnt a lot about the cultural differences in China, both in day-to-day life, as well as in the work place. Find out more about her experience here.

Sarah Gumush


Sarah Gumush of Birmingham City University completed a Digital Marketing internship in Chengdu in the summer of 2018. Sarah has given us an insight in to her thoughts about the Generation UK programme before, during and after. Check out her experience here.

Niamh with her Chinese Family


Niamh McNulty of Aberystwyth University spent two months in Qingdao in summer 2018 as a Logistics intern. She wrote about her experience of living in Qingdao as a foreigner, as well as her experience in her internship and the differing cultural norms in China.

Rebekah Kane


Rebekah Kane of Queen’s University, Belfast, completed a 2-month IT internship in Zhuhai in Autumn 2018. Rebekah told us about her experience in Zhuhai, and her advice to other people thinking about doing the Generation UK programme.

Dashen Allen


Dashen Allen of Birmingham City University spent 2-months in Chengdu in 2018. He had a unique experience in China after things didn’t work out at his first internship, but he was determined to make a success of his time there. Find out here about how the Chengdu team supported him.

Teri Rooney


Teri Rooney of the University of Strathclyde spent 2-months in Zhuhai over summer 2018. She completed her internship in a Marketing and Tourism company. She told us about how the internship in China allowed her expand her horizons and follow her dreams.