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Got a question regarding our 8 week Generation UK funded internship programme? We have compiled a selection of our most frequently asked questions.

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Applications for students and graduates from universities in Wales are currently closed.

We are still accepting applications from students and graduates from universities in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland only.

Deadline to apply 23:59pm 12th August 2019. 

  • Currently attending or recently graduated from a UK university.
  • Achieved at least a 2:1 in your undergraduate or postgraduate course. If you’ve not completed your course yet, the grades you’ve already achieved must average to a minimum of 59% after your first year of study. Students in their first year of study are not able apply until they’ve completed their first full academic year.
  • Graduated within 12 months of submitting your Generation UK funding application, if you’re now no longer in higher education.
  • Have received either a grant or a certain level of loan from students finance, all defined here
  • Hold a UK passport or be an EU Home Student.
  • Be at least 18 years old.

If you are accepted for Generation UK funding, you will be able to do an 8 week internship in your chosen field, accommodation in a shared apartment with 2-3 other interns throughout your stay, receive full support from the IC team before, during and after your stay and you even get comprehensive travel insurance to cover your 8 week stay.

If you’re awarded a place on the programme, you’ll need to cover the cost of your flights to and from China, the cost of the appropriate visa (£175), day to day spending money and will be required to provide a £200 deposit that’s fully refundable at the end of your time in China.

Due to visa restrictions in China and the short-term nature of the internships, all the internships are unpaid.

Not at all, most of our participants do not have any Chinese skills and have a great time. A very high proportion of our internship host companies are Western, and the working language is English. We’d also never place you with a host company where you would need specific skills you didn’t have, and you’ll have the support of the InternChina team throughout your stay for any general communication related help!

We have set and very strict start & end dates to our programmes.

Each destination has a limited number of places on each option, which are:

3rd June – 26th July 2019
5th August  – 27th September 2019
2nd September – 25th October
17th October – 13th December 2019

There isn’t any additional start dates that will be offered for those who are awarded the funding in 2019.

In either Chengdu, Qingdao or Zhuhai. You’ll have the choice of either and you can find out more on each city here. Don’t worry about what you initially enter on the application form as we’ll ask you to confirm the city if you’re successful in your funding application.

All the internships in Chengdu, Qingdao and Zhuhai will consider applicants for the 2-month internship apart from a small number. Have a good look through the full listing of internships here.

Don’t worry, you’ll have around 7-10 days after the deadline to submit all the documents to confirm you’re eligible for the funding and for us to progress with your application.

Yes, very important. This is one of the major parts of the application and something the British Council will carefully read through when considering your application. Please ensure you’ve met the word count for each, there isn’t any grammatical mistakes and you’ve been able to express your desire in taking part in the programme.

  1. Submit your application through the website here.
  2. Provide all your eligibility documents to confirm you’re able to be considered for the funding.
  3. Complete a telephone interview with one of the InternChina team.
  4. If the InternChina team feels you’re a suitable candidate for funding, we’ll submit your application to the British Council for final approval.
  5. The British Council will then look over your motivational statements you submitted on your online application, the notes from the telephone interview and your eligibility documents. Once the British Council team have made their decision, they’ll send an email to confirm the outcome of your application.
  6. If successful, InternChina will then take over the application process again and look to finalise your programme details as soon as possible.
  7. We’ll ask you to pick a destination and your preferred start date, send you a booking form to confirm the terms & conditions of the programme and ask you to send the £200 programme deposit to the InternChina bank account.
  8. Once you’ve signed the booking form and InternChina have confirmed the deposit has reached the bank account, the process of finalising the internship can begin.
  9. You will be introduced to the member of staff in the destination you’ve opted for who will work with you to arrange the internship with one of our host companies.
  10. You’ll have Skype interviews with the host companies you like the sound of from their company and job descriptions from the website. Once you’ve been able to connect with a few, we’ll ask you to choose which one you’re happy to confirm as your internship.
  11. InternChina in the meantime will book your accommodation and purchase your travel and medical insurance for the two months you’ll be in China.

Absolutely. Only a certain few sectors like engineering, design, law will need you to have some educational background or previous work experience to be considered for the positions.

In the first two weeks of February 2019.

The deposit is fully refundable at the end of your programme. The funds are simply requested to cover any possible damage to the provided accommodation and once this is checked, we’ll be able to send back the funds to an account of your choice.

The funds will need to be sent within a couple of weeks of the final decision made regarding your funding application.

Your deposit will be sent to the British Council to cover a small amount of the time and resources spent on your application.

Yes, very easily. Just let us know when your application is approved and make sure you choose the same start date, then it won’t be any trouble at all. It’s unlikely that you’ll complete the same internship, but if we know well in advance then we’re more than happy to arrange the same accommodation for you and a friend.

Although your internship will be full time, you’ll have the weekends to explore China!

InternChina run trips to major tourist destinations so you’re able to see the best China has to offer over the two months. Check out the videos of our trips to Shanghai and Beijing with some participants in summer 2018.

It varies depending on your lifestyle, but we’ve created a useful blog for you to get a good idea of what spending money you’ll need here.

If you’re successful in being awarded funding to take part, there’ll be around 500-600 other applicants all taking part across the different destinations over the second half of 2019.

We are still accepting applications on a rolling basis from students and graduates from universities in England and Northern Ireland only.

For any other questions related to Generation UK funded programmes or the application process, please contact us by email or by phone.

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