Robotics & Programming School – Teaching Internship (Ref. CDED19)

Company Description:

This start-up school specializes in STEAM Education for youth and young students. They mainly teach programming, app development, web development and robotics to children and teenagers of ages 5-18 in English. English language and Coding are the main focus of the business. They help the youth develop strong logic and programming skills in order for them to be successful later in life and lead the future generation of entrepreneurs.

Number of staff: 4

Internship Position:

Programme Tutor

Internship Description:

This is a unique chance to work with an organization that is committed to improving the educational level of kids. You will be responsible for:

  • Teaching young people aged 5-12 block programming (using mainly Scratch and Scratch Junior software)
  • Another chunk of your time will be allocated to teaching robotics
  • Developing a marketing strategy to promote the classes to local families
  • Allocate a small portion of your time to help develop the teaching curriculum

The team will provide an intensive training to make sure you are ready to teach the courses. The programming courses are relatively easy, especially if you have some programming background. Students as young as 6 years old will learn important concepts such as “If..Else”, loops and iterations through games and exercises that we have already prepared.


  • Bachelor degree in a scientific program (Math, physics, programming, engineering, pedagogy) or if the candidate is from a non-scientific background then having a scientific mindset is essential. Students who have learnt programming on their own as a hobby and like it is also acceptable.
  • Basic Chinese skills is essential for this role. Since the teacher will be teaching a class of 5-12 year olds, many of the students will be Chinese nationals with poor English skills. You may use your Chinese basic language skills to explain the equivalent meaning of simple words. (Basic Chinese training will also be provided to help the candidate)
  • Loves to work with kids. Patient and with a very positive attitude and energy.
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills. This is an important trait for this position since the candidate will be a role model of confidence to the students.
  • Knowledge of application development or any programming language is a big plus

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