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RemaxAsia Expo Zhuhai – The World´s Largest Expo for Print Consumable

Next week, the 8th RemaxAsia trade show, the largest imaging consumables event will be held in Zhuhai.
RemaxAsia Expo Logo

Tony Lee, Managing Director of Recycling Times Media explains. “This year, our RemaxAsia Expo will be newer, larger, and better and promising to deliver remanufacturers and distributors needing local solutions and new business opportunities.”

The expo will run 3 days, Thursday October 16 through to Saturday October 18, 2014. The RT Imaging Summit will run the day before on Wednesday October 15 at the Holiday Inn Hotel,Zhuhai.

Despite the imaging industry (ink, –list types of products) facing tough global downturns, the annual RemaxAsia has broken many records. In 2012, there were 425 exhibits covering 30,000 square meters. There was a larger presence by HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon and other original printer manufacturers, with some speaking during the conference sessionsto the visitors. The Zhuhai event attracted more than 9,035 visitors from 75 countries around the globe at the massive Zhuhai Airshow Centre. The one-day Conference@2012 attracted 192 delegates, including representatives from the major original equipment makers (OEMs) as well as the aftermarket sector. It succeeded in giving voice to the concerns and interests on both sides of the replacement cartridge industry.

Also, the Professional Digital Press and Commercial Printing Show in China, iPrint (China) Expo, will be also held at the same time and place, as a 3D printing conference about the technology and applications of3D Printing. A 3.000 m² 3D printing zone has been allotted at the exhibition. Visitors will be able to experience first-hand the fascinating 3D printers, digital press and commercial printing equipment and personalized 3D printing products.

Organizers already expect there will be 450 exhibitors and more than 12,000 visitors attending the RemaxAsia 2014.Also the company is proud to say that the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China has announced its recommended list of significant and influential Chinese expos. RemaxAsia Expo ranks 11th out of 115 events and is the only office products expo in China to be published in the list.

About the organizers: Recycling Times Media Corporation is a leading provider of news and business opportunities for the global printer cartridge remanufacturing industry. They provide to their clients (exhibitors, advertisers, sponsors, readers, browsers and visitors) with the best business experience by publishing efficient, reliable, factual news and editorial and running first class events, as RemaxAsia Expo, which educate, inform, network and provide business opportunities for the computer printing industry—particularly the aftermarket sector.


Front gate of RemaxAsia Expo



Events in Zhuhai

COME TOGETHER 2014: Charity, Music and loads of fun

It´s all about bringing people together for a good purpose. The annual Come Together charity event this year was held on Saturday the 13th of September in the Beishan Theatre in Zhuhai. But what exactly is Come Together? It´s an annual charity music festival underlined by the idea to bring expats and locals together for a great day of live music, fun games and a variety of delicious food with the wonderful aim of raising as much money as possible for local charities.
mmexport1410920014059 mmexport1410920071820

This year, the money raised went to two amazing, local charities; the Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai (CPAZ) and the Zhuhai Autism Society. Both charities are delighted with the total amount that the event raised; an unbelievable 155,000 RMB and we can definitely call it a huge success. The money will benefit the lives and futures of so many young children by enabling them to have a good education. We are so happy to be involved with improving the futures of so many young people.

Aside from the huge amount raise for the charities, there was also an abundance of great live performances from our amazing acts. From Monsoon to Coconut Sunset, from Chairman Wow! to Tommy Chung Trio, there was a great variety of music for all to enjoy.  And our headline act of the night, The High Rollers, did a superb job of getting everybody dancing and into the music.

InternChina @ CT mmexport1410919942451

Altogether, the event managed to draw in over 1,000 generous people for the day to the new Beishan Theatre, which was triple the number of people compared to last year. Come Together will be held again next year and will certainly draw in an even bigger crowd in 2015. We are extremely excited to be a part of it next year and look forward to seeing all of you again!

Overall, it was a massive success for us as our volunteers helped everything run smoothly and therefore we would like to thank all of our volunteers who supported the event. The InternChina Zhuhai office bar also made a great contribution to the final amount.

InternChina Bar mmexport1410920089891




Article written by Kevin Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina

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IC Coming Together Again and Other Events

Come together poster


With the Ice Bucket Challenge drowning everything else on social media, I thought I’d stick to the charity theme with this post, but stay away from the ice cubes!

In China, virtually all the vast amount of charitable work is coordinated by government departments. However, many NGOs also operate in China and here at InternChina we are proud to work with some brilliant organisations in Zhuhai and Chengdu in particular.

In Zhuhai we have been involved in coordinating an annual charity event called Come Together for 3 years – The event raises money for the Zhuhai Autism Society and CPAZ, a children’s charity we have also placed interns with in the past. CPAZ supports families who cannot afford the basic equipment, travel and lunch costs for their children at school, as well as providing school fees for children from migrant families who do not have access to free education. It’s a brilliant cause and IC are very proud to be involved! I am visiting Zhuhai in a couple of weeks and am excited about Come Together 2014 on the 13th September!

In Chengdu we are also organising a charity event on 14th September. The inaugural Chengdu Charity Football Tournament, which we are organising alongside the British Chamber of Commerce SW China, will support the Chengdu NGO ‘CRDF’. The Chinese Relief & Development foundation (CRDF) provides relief for victims of natural disasters, primarily in Sichuan province. We have placed several interns with the NGO and are very proud to support their work in Chengdu.

Our NGO internships are listed here: and here

Get in touch for more information about attending our charity events or donating to the good causes we support!

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Introducing Zhuhai´s office intern – Kevin Kowalczyk

Hello fellas,
I’m Kevin, 23 years young, from Berlin, Germany and just arrived in Zhuhai, China two days ago. What am I doing in Zhuhai? That’s a really good question and there are several different reasons to answer this question. First of all, I´m doing an internship at the InternChina Office in Zhuhai.  I’ve already settled in with the team composed of Morgan, Sunny, Ivan, Henry, William and George and feel like I have always been working here. I am quite an ‘all-rounder’ and will be working in Sales, Marketing as well as Business Development and I’m pretty sure, this broad view will help me a lot for my business administration studies at the HTW Berlin.

The second reason why I chose Zhuhai or rather China, is that I’m really fascinated by the Chinese culture and furthermore by the Chinese people themselves. I´m really happy to can experience this new but exciting country first hand.

Like many people, I think China is the future and will continue to develop faster and faster. Therefore the Chinese language will also be a very important language besides English in the future. For this reason I´m also trying to learn as much Chinese as possible and what better way to do that than by living in China!

During my first two days I already experienced the great Chinese world. Zhuhai isn’t just a beautiful city, it´s also right by the sea and there is a lot of greenery in the city, which gives it a really good atmosphere. Of course it is hot and a bit sticky, but I’ll get used to it like everyone does! Moreover the Chinese people are charming, friendly and helpful. The only premise is that you have to be open-minded and friendly as well. A big plus is to know the Chinese basics, because most Chinese people don´t speak English very well or don´t speak English at all. But don´t worry, you somehow always find a way to express yourself!

The Chinese food – I can’t put it in words – just, tasty. So, so tasty. Maybe it won´t be something for everyone, but I´m pretty sure most people enjoy the great Chinese food, which is also really cheap compared to western prices.

Office dinner at Sunny´s
Office dinner at Sunny´s

As I’m here for just two days, it´s quite hard to tell a lot about Zhuhai, the Chinese culture and people but as you can read I´am already impressed by the way China lives and thrives and therefore I can strongly recommend coming to China and especially to Zhuhai to see it yourself. What are you waiting for?

Why not come to Zhuhai to see for yourself what a modern Chinese city is like – Apply Now

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Ivan – New Intern in Zhuhai

Good day everyone, I am Ivan and I am a new intern in InternChina, the company with field office in Zhuhai! This is my first blog, first impressions and first open letter in front of a crowd of people so I hope I can satisfy you with the next few lines.

InternChina - Ivan
InternChina – Ivan

My China experience started with arriving in Hong Kong. There I got introduced with the rough weather and air humidity. For a person that enjoys wind and cool weather it was really huge and sudden difference. I come from Denmark, where I study my Master degree, directly to China and I am really missing the winds of the north Europe. You get used to the heat, but I will never forget the first moment. It felt like I couldn’t breathe or like you enter underwater and you try to breathe. Afterwards I realized that every building and transport vehicle has its air conditioner on lowest temperature. That really made me somewhat relived inside.

The town that I grew up in is called Varna and it’s located on the seaside part of Bulgaria, the coast of the Black Sea. It is a popular tourist destination and it’s famous for its relatively cheap prices and beautiful women.

InternChina - Hometown
InternChina – Hometown

Something that we have in common with Hong Kong and Zhuhai is also one of my first impressions that I won’t forget and that is the chaotic way of driving and crossing the streets. In a way it reminds me my home country Bulgaria, but it’s one level more developed. I had to meet with Jenny, the employee of InternChina on whose place I was coming. The way she crossed some streets with me made me think I was in an action movie of some sort. Definitely a great adrenalin boost for the unprepared mind.

Afterwards I was off to my final destination – Zhuhai. I have heard that the city is big but rather small for a real Chinese city. Well for me that opinion was going to chance during these days. Zhuhai is huge…the biggest city that I have ever been in. I guess that we just don’t build big back in Europe. From the first and second days I came, I met some of the interns that I will work for/with during my next months. I had a very nice wake up call for the final of the World Cup in Brazil which in Chinese time was around 3 in the night. We made it and we had a great time. One thing to consider for the future is that Chinese people cheer harder than hardcore football fans in Europe. I experienced it first hand and it made me a strong impression. They are just into it.

I will always remember my first days in Zhuhai. It was my first Step in Asia and I got a rather good impression. But it wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for my new roommate and colleague at work – Gianna Wolfsen. She helped me from the very beginning and was there for the friend and guide that I needed. This person simply shoots you with energy and makes your day fell lighter, happier and more interesting. This is my first blog and I dedicate it to her. Gianna!Du bist Super!

Want to explore and Enjoy Zhuhai and other parts of China? Apply here for an internship with us

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Have a bit on the side – A weekend trip away from Zhuhai

My colleague Gianna and our Chinese intern Anna organized a trip to Guangzhou last weekend. As we are pretty close to some nice and different cities here in Zhuhai, most of our interns were happy to join our trip. Finally a huge number (all in all 27 people) confirmed to join us for mysterious Mr. X. I started a bit earlier on Saturday to Guangzhou and took the first train at 07:00 a.m.! Driving with the train rather than taking the bus is more convenient to be honest. Even if the price is compared to taking the bus for students much higher it’s still a good deal.
Anna booked us in a nice Hotel in Yuexiu district that was close to some nice sightseeing spots. The interns visited the ChenJia Ci old temple and went for a good shopping experience to the Tianhe area, whereas I have already explored our hotel-area in the morning and found a huge jewellery-market. I spent almost the whole morning to shop some for some cloth in this area. I’m more interested in the typical small Chinese clothes shops in little streets in between the living compounds or at least close to such complexes. If you buy a one-day pass for the metro (the metro system is not bad in the third largest Chinese city), it is really convenient and fun just drive to random places and find out what will appear at daylight. So I did and I got off at cultural park and walked along the river side, drunk a coconut and enjoyed the hot but nice weather.

In the evening I met the other guys at the Teppanyaki restaurant and felt immediately again under friends and in my usual social environment, even if we had a bunch of new arrivals the last couple of days and most of them I have not met before.

It was a nice relaxing evening with interesting chats and a good atmosphere.

The highlight everyone was looking forward to was Mr. X (escape room) on our schedule for Sunday morning. As we were such a big group we booked 3 rooms. The guys who were already experienced, as they have done it in Shanghai (read more here) went for Level 4 out of 5. I joined the Level one group and luckily we made it and we could escape, even if we got some more time than the 60 minutes. This is a good experience and a nice way to build teams and enjoy a good excited time. The Level 4 group could also escape and both of our teams could made it on the “wall of fame”. Just the Level 2 group could not made it in in time, but all of us had fun and enjoyed a good morning there.

Mr. X_escape room

Afterwards I went together with Anna to the biggest and famous university in Guangdong province: Sun Yat-Sen University. They have a green and big campus there and we had a good morning there. We ate in the dining hall for lunch, which Anna reminded on her time in college.

Sun Yat-Sen University
Sun Yat-Sen University

Sun Yat-Sen University


As I wanted to see the Art Gallery we drove from the university direct to Yuangcun and then a couple of stations from there with the bus to this alternative place with art, nice little souvenir shops and a creative audience. We both had a nice and relaxed afternoon there. I even kissed another statue man 🙂

art gallery_GZ coffeeart gallery_Redtoryart gallery

I then went to the water front village area, a bit far from down town. I suddenly felt like in another city. Moreover I felt like in a green area far from such a big Chinese town.

water front village

I have once again acquired valuable insights in Chinese cities and saw new beautiful places.

I am happy to share my experience and my travel routes with all of you guys and hope you also take this awesome chance to explore Chinese cities.  Apply now!

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KTV – Chinese Karaoke

KTV is quite different from traditional western karaoke which is usually just a big screen at the front of the bar and a guy with a crappy computer program running the music and organizing the waiting list of singers.In China, KTV is a more private affair with private rooms, with a big flat screen TV, a fancy entertainment system and couches. It is a place, where Chinese people go to sing and have fun with friends. KTV is usually an evening activity, but many clubs in big cities are open 24 hours. So KTV can really be something to do any time of day or night. Typically, the rooms are booked for a minimum time (for example, 2 or 3 hours). KTV clubs are full-service and you can order a full array of snacks and drinks throughout the evening.

InternChina-Having fun with my friends
InternChina-Having fun with my friends
InternChina-drinks and snacks
InternChina-drinks and snacks

If you are not going to KTV with Chinese friends or Chinese colleagues and you don’t know how to go about making a reservation, I would advise having a local friend, your hotel concierge or your tour agent to help you.
Especially in big cities on weekends, KTV is a popular thing to do. You may be able to walk up and book but you don’t want to plan a big night out only to find the rooms fully booked. Rooms vary in size so you’ll have made the reservation for the appropriate number of people. The rooms are usually big enough for up to 10 people but it can depend. Furthermore there are many different quality levels of KTV – it ranges from quite cheap to extremely expensive.

Advice: It is best to make sure you know the location of your party’s room before you leave to look for the washroom, as the hallway design is quite confusing, and if you’ve already had a few drinks – it may take you a long time to find your party room again!


KTV is a really fun way to spend some hours doing something that millions of locals enjoy doing, so you can consider it an authentic cultural experience.

InternChina-KTV Night
InternChina-KTV Night

Want to sing the night away and show off your talent at KTV? Apply now for an internship in Qingdao, Chengdu or Zhuhai 


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“Super duper” Beishan Festival

Beishan World Music Festival was on last weekend. Saturday night has been a great party night for most of our Zhuhai interns. It was quite easy to grab a ticket, as the ticket counter is usually at the main entrance to the Beishan terrain. One-Day-Tickets for the festival cost are 99RMB,- and the fun kicked off at around 06:00 p.m.

InternChina-Beishan World Music Festival
InternChina-Beishan World Music Festival

The atmosphere at Beishan Festival is quite nice. The company, which organised the event is also responsible for the protection and development of intangible cultural heritage at this cultural and creative industry park, where the festival was held. It’s a small but excellent festival at an extraordinary place. Many of the local bars and restaurants in Zhuhai supported the event so there was great food and beverages on offer! They provided a food corner where they prepared food for sale from different parts of the world.

I enjoyed the concert with Ray Lema VSNP Quintet on Sunday most.

All together there were three stages, each with different kinds of music. The open-air stage close to the entrance seemed to give mainly local performers the chance to show their talent while, at the roofed main-stage international talents from France, Great Britain, Korea, The Netherlands and other surrounding countries were welcomed to show off their music styles.

As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the kind of freestyle form by Ray Lema VSNP Quintet. They played a kind of Jazz I’ve never heard before. Finally the lead singer of this group invited a boy from Zhuhai, onto stage. He was invited to perform with his saxophone together with the group. You could really see the fire in his eyes when he had the chance to show his skills.

InternChina - Ray Lema VSNP Quintet
InternChina – Ray Lema VSNP Quintet

As we have been placed some interns at the company who organised this festival, a few of them were around to help at several points. I met happy, well-known people everywhere around the festival, it  created a good opportunity for local people to meet.

After the concerts on Saturday most interns headed over to the official after party in Ningxi. When I spoke with our interns most of them told us the after-party was great. Two Macau-based artists came over to DJ.

The International music festival’s organising company helps charities, well-known artists exhibitions. It has committed itself to create one of the best cultural and creative industry parks in South China, making significant contributions to culture and creativity

Experience all the musical and cultural events that Zhuhai has to offer or do an internship in a creative, cultural and open-minded company! Apply now for an internship or email us for more information.