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Laser tag session!!

Laser tag Session!!
One of the activities really pleasant in Qingdao you can try is this one. Dressed like a soldier, with captors on all your body, guns (you have the choice between sniper rifles, machine guns and Short range guns) and play in a park.

We went there, 20 people from internchina, 10 from Yechao staff (the best club in Qingdao) and 50 strangers! Saturday, April the 16th, at 8 o’clock AM! (to wake up at 6.30 AM wasn’t a pleasure…) We were mixed in 2 teams: the Chinese army against the Korean army (Korea won 2 battles on 3). The battlefield was the TV Tower’s Park, Robert, Marvin (Chinese army, our monster kills) and Nick (Korean army) were the snipers, Keno (the best gunner I have seen!!) and me where the machine guns for Chinese army and Tommy (the Yechao DJ!!) was the more dangerous machinegun of the Korean Army. You could hear his devil laugh after He had touched you…!!

Dennis, Marian, Tobias were brave soldiers, always going ahead. They used very good strategy. Hanane were the only one who always gets killed by her own teammate (maybe they thought that she was more useful dead than alive…), Stephanie liked to stay always at the top and shoot on poor first line people… So bad girl. Jessica, Marina and Liane were specialized in hiding behind trees and not moving until the end of the game. I think that the snipers should cover up themselves.

Girls has to cover snipers, boys were snipers or first line attack. We had 10 lives for each person. 1 hour of lesson, and 3 hours of play. Really exhausting but so funny! The last round was 2 lines, fighting against each other.

Dominic was the kamikaze, always where he should not… Tim was the “I shoot on you but you can’t see me haha !!” guy, all play long I haven’t seen him. He was surely cooperating with the snipers (always hiding too). And Alex was our translator with Emily, without them, impossible to understand the monitor instructions.

Whatever, with each play during at least 45 minutes, and 30 RMB (around 3€50) for 4 hours of fun, we went home tired, and happy!!

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Beach BBQ

Hey guys,
last Saturday the Internchina people came together for Gong Fu 功夫 lessons and BBQ on the beach. Actually, it was the first day of what we may call „summer“. Over 20°, and the danger to get a little sunburn. For months we have waited for this day!

Teacher Pan gave us, together with Dan, one of his experienced long-term students, an insight in the Chinese material arts. Pan Laoshi has been practicing for more than 40 years and therefore is an expert for the real, traditional Gong Fu.
It was a great pleasure to learn a few moves from him. Check out the video, where Pan Laoshi and Dan are showing Gong Fu in Baguazhang style!

The dinner after our “hard work” was delicious, thanks to long preparations in Jenny’s new apartment and Fay’s and Nick’s professional skills on the BBQ ☺

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Interns on fire

Hey guys,we’ve been on fire last weekend in a traditional massage center in Qingdao…  They even showed us some more scarry stuff in movies what they are able to do (releasing blood from different parts of the body etc.) but as we were already scared enough to be on fire for half an hour, we decided only to go that far for this time. Made a lot of pics, however everyone looks kind of the same under the towels… guess who is who?!?
Cheers, Frank

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Li Cun Market – very impressive!!!

Last saturday Jamie and Leo arranged our monthly round table with all the interns…We relocated it outside and drove about 40 minutes with the bus to the north of Qingdao. It is one of the biggest and most bizarre markets of this city and if you want to see everything on this market you should schedule a whole day. They really sell everything there. There were even some doctors who checked the people and medicated them if necassary. To give an exaple there was a dentist who pulled out the teeth of people in public presence ^^
Jamie divided us into some groups and gave us shopping lists. It was kind of a bargaining competition. The group which payed less money for all of the goods (a hat, men´s and women´s underwear, 5 eggs, 5 tomatoes, 50g green tea, 5 screws, one chinese new year decoration) was the winner… That was fun but have I mentioned that it were -10° outside and the wind made -20° of it 😉


After this great excursion the people who weren´t frozen went to a rock concert at the ‘Red Star’ office where the band ‘Free the birds’ from Beijing played. It was a very nice concert…
I like 😉


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Gōng fū shī fu (Kung-Fu master and TV-tower)

Today my hostmother took me to the TV-tower in Qingdao.She told me, that you can have a great overwiev of the city from there… (if its not cloudy or foggy 😉
But I´m afraid it was ^^
Anyway it was very beautiful up there.

InternChina- The TV Tower in Qingdao


InternChina- The lake in Qingdao’s park
InternChina- Forest park in Qingdao
InternChina- View from the steps in Qingdao park

After that we went through a park were usually chinese people practise their Tai Chi or Qi Gong daily in the morning.
Accidentally we met a 60 years old chinese  man, who was practising Kung-Fu.
He was very kind ans allowed us to take a video of this art.
Afterwards we talked to each other and he told us, that he is practising every day Kung-Fu since 30 years. Wow, respect for that.
After all he offered me to teach me Kung-Fu for free the time I am going to stay in China…
I was just lost for words.
Of course I will take this oportunity to collect some more authentical impressions of this great culture.
Here is a screenshots of my videotape:

InternChina- Man practicing Kung Fu in Qingdao
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The famous Jimo hot springs

Hey all,
Just wanted to make a quick post about our hot spring journey yesterday. Was pretty nice, but sadly we werent allowed to take pictures there. So after we asked a slipper- and towel rearranging lady to take a group picture of us in one of the waterthingies, we had a security guard on our heels the whole time, just to make sure we abide the rules. Chinese really like rules, but for the mudbath we got an exception. We could go in with our swimming trunks on. But actually, the rule to go in the mud as god created us, wasn’t that dumb. My flowertrunks will never be as bright as they used to be :(.

Oh ja, we still took some pictures (which I will add later the day).

InternChina-Visiting the bath house in Jimo
InternChina-The InternChina team in Jimo

Oki doki, have a nice upcoming week and soon CHRISTMAS.

in Qingdao
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QIBC meeting

Hello everyone!
I also finally wanted to write something on our blog and as I had a presentation yesterday about ‘HR recruiting & training challenges of SMEs in China – Cultural expectations and how to use them for recruiting and training’ and as Simon and Florian took some pictures, I thought this is a good opportunity.
The presentation took place in intercontinental hotel and there were 52 (mainly business) people listening. They mainly came from China, Germany, Australia, the US and it was a good presentation. If anyone of you want to know more about the content of my presentation, it will be uploaded on soon.  If you come to Qingdao yourself you will be able to join one of the wine tastings which follow every presentation of the Qingdao International Business Club which take place every week and all the nice food which you can see on the pictures (especially the little fruit cakes!)…

Hope to see you around and will post some more soon,