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Eating with Language Class in Lao Shan Overnight Trip

InternChina- Teachers and students enjoying lunch in the Lao shan mountains

Teachers and language students have lunch together while spending time in the Lao shan mountains.  They have to speak as much Chinese as possible but at the same time they are sight seeing, eating great food, and walking the beaches.  See our website for more information on our teachers!

Qingdao Blogs, Things To Do in Qingdao, Travel, Weekend Trips

Huangdao Day Trip October 2010

InternChina- Eventful intern trip to Huangdao Island

We all took buses from our host families and then met to ride the ferry out to Huangdao island not knowing that later the wind would pick up and we wouldn’t be able to get back.  Funny story… We went to the beach and it was warm all day… and then the night hit and they shut down the ferry boat and we all had to ride a big bus home which they made us switch over to a different one and we waited one hour before we could leave because they wanted to fill the bus… It cost us 30 Yuan each… Great time all around anyways because we have such a fun group of people.


Qingdao Blogs, Things To Do in Qingdao, Travel, Weekend Trips

Fushan October 23rd, 2010

InternChina- On top of Fushan in Qingdao

From left to right- Dennis, Martin, Simon, Viet-Ha, Mia, Andrea, Steve, Kristen, Nicole, Danou, and Jacob-(he is a teacher who has just graduated from college in the U.S.).  We had a great journey that day.  We had tons of laughs and took some amazing pictures and the hike really wasn’t that long.  Fu Shan is one of the coolest places to hike.  I found it to be the single most spectacular view that I have seen in China (even better than my experience in Beijing at the Great Wall).

Qingdao Blogs, Travel, Weekend Trips

InternChina Goes to Beijing!

InternChina- On the Great Wall

This past weekend (15th, 16th, 17th) of October; three interns- (Simon, Andrea, and Me) traveled to Beijing.  This is us at The Great Wall Of China.  While we were in Beijing we visited- The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace.  These were all spectacular!  The city of Beijing itself was like many cities (lots of people, cars, and confusion)- this was not fun… But the tourist sites are something that pictures or videos will never define or portray properly.  You must see them with your own eyes.

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