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Before your stay

What to Expect on your First Day in China?

Arriving in a new country, especially if you don’t speak the language, can be very daunting. However, here at InternChina we strive to make sure you settle in and have as easy a first day in China as possible.

Airport Pickup

We will have asked for your flight details far in advance to make sure we know when you’re arriving. This also means that on the day if there are any alterations to your flight times we can check. This means we can make sure we are at the airport ready for your arrival.

Air China Arrivals

When you’ve passed through all the relevant checks and collected your bags you can expect to see one of our team. They will be holding a sign with your name on in the arrivals lounge. From here you will take a taxi to your apartment with our staff member.

Meeting your flatmates/homestay

After arriving at your accommodation you will be introduced to your new flatmates or homestay family. This is usually the start of a blossoming friendship, they’ll be able to guide you through your first few days and help you settle in.

Usually in a homestay you’ll be greeted with open arms, expect a welcome drink, usually tea, and some snacks!

Police Registration

After dropping your things off at your accommodation our staff member will take you to the nearest police station to register your arrival in China. Whilst this may seem a bit strange it is essential that this is done!

Police Station in China

This should take 10-20 minutes and is quite an experience seeing the inner workings of a Chinese police station.

Getting your SIM card

Following your police registration our staff member will take you too sort out a SIM card so you can stay connected whilst here in China. This usually involves going to the nearest phone shop to get a new SIM card. Usually this comes with a pre allocated amount of Data, Minutes and Texts so you can be sure to keep in contact with everyone back home and here in China.

Mobile Phone Store

What comes next?

From here you will find out about your orientation and company drop off. Your orientation will usually take place on a Monday morning letting you know a bit more about China and what to expect during your stay.

This will be followed by lunch out with the InternChina Branch Team (somewhere delicious!) who will all be dying to ask loads of questions and answer any questions you may have.

Introduction to your Company

After lunch we will travel with you to your company. To be introduced and taken to the office by a member of the InternChina staff. This usually involves a slightly more formal introduction. Getting to know a bit of what tasks you’ll be getting up to. Introduction to the other members of staff in the office. Then its time to start your internship!

Further Information

You will also be added to all relevant WeChat groups for making friends and finding out about events organised by the IC team. This could include an event on the weekend of your arrival or an upcoming Thursday dinner!

After sorting your SIM card and police registration you will be able to explore! Whether this is getting to know your flatmates by going out for a meal together, getting to know your host family, or exploring by yourself. With your SIM card and police registration sorted you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve got all you need!

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An adventurous Hike to a Waterfall

On a Sunday, two days after my arrival in Zhuhai, I joined a day trip organized by one of the other IC office interns. I was told it was going to be a one hour bus drive and a one hour hike until we would reach a waterfall where we could go for a swim. By that time I did not know how amazing this trip was going to be.
At 10:00 in the morning we got on the bus to a town called  金星村, which is close to a mountain called 黄茅田 (or here the Google maps address: Sheng Dao, Taishan Shi, Jiangmen Shi, Guangdong Sheng).

InternChina - Hiking up the Mountain
InternChina – Hiking up the Mountain

We were a group of twenty enthusiastic interns who could not wait to see this supposedly beautiful waterfall. So we got off the bus, put sunscreen on, and started hiking.
After five to ten minutes of walking, the hiking track became quite adventurous. We strode through little streams, jumped from one stone to another, walked through bushes and had to be careful while walking along some pretty steep hillsides… oh and not to forget about all the Chinese paparazzi who came along and wanted to take selfies with us!

InternChina - Hiking up the Mountain
InternChina – Hiking up the Mountain

It was very hot and humid that day. Accordingly, we were melting in the sun until we finally reached the swimming hole. Within seconds, all of us jumped into the water to cool off. At last we then knew that the hike was totally worth it. The view from the top was stunning and we stayed for the whole afternoon.

InternChina - Finally reached the waterhole
InternChina – Finally reached the waterhole

And after that… well… we had to go all the way back to the town where the bus had been waiting for us. It turned out the way down was even more challenging than the way up. We had such a good time and it was a great opportunity for me to get to know the interns in Zhuhai. Even though I still had a jetlag, I’m very glad I joined the group that day..





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Arriving in China for the first time

I’ve just arrived in Beijing for my most recent trip to China. It’s always wonderful coming back to China after a few months away and the excitement of being back has inspired me to blog about some of the things to consider when arriving in China for the first time.
Planning your journey

You can check out full details on budgeting, immunization and what to pack on our FAQ page.

I would highly recommend booking a flight which is not only convenient in terms of departure time and travel duration, but also one which lands in China during daylight hours. Onward travel is usually more convenient and better priced in the day time. China is drastically different to the western world and can be overwhelming on arrival. It’s amazing to see all of the new landscapes, huge buildings, millions of people and Mandarin Chinese characters everywhere, which is exciting day or night. China is a very safe country and in this sense it’s not a problem to arrive when it’s dark outside, but if you’re tired it can still be intimidating to arrive somewhere so different.

Big Buildings in Beijing
Big Buildings in Beijing

On the plane

Before you even land in China, the cabin crew on your flight will hand you an “arrival card” which is a yellow and white piece of paper which every ‘foreigner’ needs to complete before passing through Chinese immigration. You’ll need to fill in:

  • Your name, date of birth and passport number
  • Your China Visa number
  • Your flight number
  • Purpose of visit (eg. Tourism)
Big buildings in Chengdu
Big buildings in Chengdu

At the airport

Once you’re through immigration and you’ve got your bag, you’re officially in China! When you exit into the arrivals hall, you’ll probably be approached by people offering a taxi ride. Ignore these people at all costs! They are not licensed taxi drivers and if you don’t speak Chinese, you’re more than likely to pay way over the odds for your fare. Go to the official taxi rank, bus pickup point or metro station, depending on your onward travel plans.

China is different - a giant cabbage in my hotel lobby
China is different – a giant cabbage in my hotel lobby

First impressions

China is BIG! If you arrive in a city like Beijing, Qingdao or Chengdu, you’ll be amazed at the number of huge buildings everywhere.

Taxis drive pretty fast! Roads are slowly becoming more orderly in China, but taxi driver still weave in and out of lanes and you may not necessarily have a safety belt available.

There are characters everywhere! It’s a wonderful feeling being surrounded by such a fundamentally different language! Make sure you’ve got Pleco downloaded to start deciphering the characters!

Now you’re in China, let the adventure begin, it’s one of the coolest countries in the world!

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New in Qingdao

Ni Hao everyone.My name is Hyacinth. I am the new intern at InternChina -Qingdao office. I live just outside of Oxford in the UK, and study at the University of Southampton. My choice of a six month internship before my final year was to get a feel of the Chinese culture, learn new skills and most importantly, to meet new people.

InternChina - Me and a Hyacinth
InternChina – Me and a Hyacinth

I arrived on Saturday night on an overcrowded flight which luckily happened to get me upgraded to comfortable seats and free wine! Afterwards, I was very welcomed by the InternChina staff at the airport. My apartment is spacious and clean and I was given a handbook, water, and Oreo Cookies to settle in for the first few days which was perfect.

InternChina - Air China Flight
InternChina – Air China Flight

Moving anywhere different is a culture shock. However, with InternChina, my first week has gone very smoothly. I never feel alone, and the team is always there to sort out any initial issues. The food so far has been amazing; I have been recommended to some great places where you can share beautifully prepared plates which are so much better than the take away places in Britain. The price is even better, with some meals costing only 30RMB (around €3). The food selection is so diverse and there are dishes here for everyone. InternChina arranges weekly dinners at restaurants so you can constantly meet new people. If you are feeling nostalgic, there is no end of McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks and many other places to remind you of home.

InternChina - Thursday Group Meal
InternChina – Thursday Group Meal

Qingdao as a city has many things to offer; Firstly, it’s a coastal city and I have a great view from the InternChina office window. I am looking forward to visiting the local beer factory, the sandy beaches and all the beautiful monuments. The weather is a major advantage and it hopefully should get warmer every week into summer. I also plan to visit Shanghai and Beijing during the time I am here.

InternChina - View from Qingdao
InternChina – View from Qingdao

Here are my top tips for arrival for anyone who is arriving to Qingdao:
• Bring one adapter when you arrive to charge your phone and laptop.
• Make sure your phone is unlocked, the team gives you a SIM card, so then you can be all set to go!
• Take favorite snacks such as crisps, chocolate and tea
• Pack a picture of a friend or family member

I am looking forward to writing more blogs during the next six months and experience many new adventures.

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Arrival in Hong Kong & Party in Zhuhai

Hello everyone!My name is Timea and I am one of the new interns at InternChina in Zhuhai! I arrived here about one week ago, but before I took the ferry to Zhuhai, I stayed a couple of days in Hong Kong. I have to say, Hong Kong is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen! I did some sightseeing on Hong Kong Island and I got lost a few times, but all in all I had a really great time. When I arrived to Zhuhai I was really impressed by the lack of people and the overwhelming heat! It’s a very beautiful and relaxed place, and sometimes I feel like I’m on vacation here 🙂
On my first evening in Zhuhai, Jamie and his fiancé organized a barbeque for me and the rest of the office. It was nice that I could get to know everyone and the food was good, too!
On Friday I had my first night out in Zhuhai with my colleagues from the Zhuhai office and some of the other interns here. We went to the most famous restaurant in Zhuhai: Huo Gong Dian. It’s seven stories high and it has a big statue of Mao Ze Dong in the entrance hall. We had our own private room in the restaurant and the food was very delicious, but also quite spicy. Afterwards we went to one of the clubs on Zhuhai’s only bar street in Gongbei! It was a great evening with lots of drinking, dancing and even some really nice live music! And fyi, I’ve never seen a Chinese guy sing a cover of an Eminem song before, but it didn’t sound bad at all 🙂
To sum it up, my first week in Zhuhai was awesome and I’m looking forward to the next 5 ½ months I’m gonna be spending here!

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Arrival in Zhuhai

InternChina- Gongbei District in Zhuhai

Hello everyone! / 你好!

I am Michæl and I am one of the new interns at the InternChina office in Zhuhai.  I just arrived here 2 nights ago.  I am originally from Boston but currently live in Montréal for university.  Door-to-door the voyage took me 26 hours – not too bad considering that I have essentially traversed the planet!

My host family is great and I have high hopes for what this experience can bring. While having a great degree of familiarity with many Indo-European languages, I am finding it of little utility here in China!  I am slowly learning some Mandarin and hope to have functional fluency by the time I leave.

Zhuhai is a beautiful city located along the coast,bordering Macao SAR and  just a 50 minute ferry ride from Hong Kong SAR, it is definitely a good place to be!

I’ve attached a photo I found on Flickr of the Gongbei district in Zhuhai.