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Going abroad for work – understanding the reality.

Going abroad for a job has its challenges. It’s always a goodidea to be prepared in advance and to get as much information as possible. Morgan Dolan, with her experience of being manager of our Zhuhai office and knowing everything a person could know about the rough path for applying abroad, is in ideal position to share some tips for anyone considering going on this path.


“Even before I went to college, I knew I wanted to work abroad. As globalization becomes the norm, this sentiment seems to be shared by more and more young people. International business seems to be a popular major for this very reason.”

However launching a career abroad is not as easy as applying to a vacancy. This is because vacancies for positions abroad, whether a large company or small, are accompanied by realities that govern the hiring considerations. These are the realities of international mobility including visa constraints, costs etc. as well as the needs of a company. Understanding the situations from a company’s perspective will help you address them yourself and overcome rejection.

Companies hire to solve problems. The smaller the company, the more a problem really needs to ache before they cast a hiring net. Companies big and small who operate internationally invest a lot into their team. The extent that they will go through bureaucracy correlates to the visible benefit a potential hire has for them. Got your sights set on a particular job in another country? Help yourself avoid initial immediate rejection.

Research positions from the company perspective.

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Think about the larger company “why” that has led to looking for the role you want to fill.  The more you can tailor yourself as solving their problem the more attractive you will look. When in doubt about what a company’s biggest problem is, ask. If it not one that you believe you can solve (or contribute to a solution) keep hunting until you find one.

Be responsible to know your own paperwork.

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Research what your options are to immigrate and what documents are required for different visas. When you know specifically what steps a company needs to take to hire you or apply for a work visa on your behalf, you are in a better position to negotiate why you are the best choice in spite of any hurdles.

Consider doing an internship first.

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It is easier for a company to yes to an internship than to taking on a full time employee. It may also be easier for you to get the visa you need and see if you would actually want to stay in that country for long term. Treat an internship like a trial period where you show the company just how valuable you would be. At best, the company will be inspired to keep you and at worst, you have a great reference and have already started building your contacts in country.

Ultimately if you would like to launch a career abroad, it will be your responsibility to make it happen. Although initial rejection from international positions can discourage fresh graduates, perseverance and embracing the realities for companies abroad will help to start not just a career abroad but one that is tailored to you.

If you want to get more information about how to start your job search abroad visit our blog section. Our creative team has always some useful tips to share!

In the mean time share us your thoughts about the article? What are the biggest challenges of going for work abroad in your opinion?

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The “Silicon Valley” of the future – “Tianfu Software Park”

As an intern at Internchina, we frequently go out for meetings in the city: introducing InternChina to companies who are looking for an intern from the West, finalising contracts with companies, visiting interns we have successfully placed and so on. It is (almost) always nice to get out of the office for an hour or so, because it is a nice change to the many hours a day we spend in there.
One of the places we quite frequently go for business meetings is the “Tianfu Software Park” in the Southern part of Chengdu. It is not far away from the so-called “Biggest building in the world”: the “New Century Building“. However, the “Tianfu Software Park” has a total of 2.2 million sq.m and hosts hundreds of IT companies: IT consultancies, game and app developers, IT designers and many more.

InternChina - Tianfu Software Park
InternChina – Tianfu Software Park

Chengdu’s software park is often referred to as the “Chinese silicon valley”. During my visits to China since my first time in 2006, I’ve encountered such denotations like the “Chinese Venice” (the city of Suzhou) or “the Chinese Las Vegas” (Macao) quite often. In Europe, we also have similar monikers for some places – think of the Polish capital Warsaw as the “Hong Kong of the East” due to its skyscrapers symbolizing the city’s importance as an economic hub for trade and investment from the East.

InternChina - Tianfu Software Park overview
InternChina – Tianfu Software Park overview


However, I think that Suzhou has little association with Venice and if the Chengdu’s software park will ever have roughly the same importance in the future as Silicon Valley has for the world now – we don’t know (A few Indians and I, I guess, have their doubts). Basically, it depends on how Chengdu and China as a whole cope with it’s main economic and social challenges ahead.

In Europe, I have the feeling that we talk too much about democracy in China (the “Chinese Democracy – there is it again) and way too less about the countries problems and (potential) instabilities. The main challenges that also pose barriers for “Chengdu’s Software Park” on its way to its goals to be the “the Chinese silicon valley”, are enormous; an aging workforce, a widening gap between rich and poor, social media challenging the ruling party, environmental degradation on a vast scale – just to mention a few.

Alas, if you want to experience living in a city that thinks it can boost it’s importance and reputation of software development sky-high; a city that is said to be THE place for software and IT that everyone in the world will know in ten years’ time; a city that smells and stinks at the same time of economic growth and aspiration – come to visit Chengdu! Now! This unique atmosphere won’t last forever.


Apply now for a real China experience, in Chengdu, Zhuhai or Qingdao.