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The Climate in Dalian

Dalian is bordered by the Bohai sea and Yellow sea which gives it ocean climate features with mild refreshing ocean winds. Its location at the southern end of the Liaodong peninsula in the north east of China means Dalian has a semi moist monsoon climate also with an annual rainfall of around 500 – 1000 mm (over 50% of this falls during summer!).
Dalian has 4 distinct seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Winter – From Early December to February you will need a warm coat and gloves.. the winds can get chilly this time of year!  Dalian embraces winter and offers a range of seasonal activities such as skiing and an ice festival.

Spring – Kicks off in march, when the warmer south east ocean winds start moving in. You will still need coats and warm socks this time of year though.

Summer – The best time of year for weather in Dalian is from May onwards. The hottest months are July and August with temperatures hovering around a pleasant 20-25 degree celcius. Thousands of tourists (Chinese and foreign) like to come to Dalian in the summer to enjoy the beaches and various watersports available. You will need your shorts, t-shirts and sun tan lotion!
Even though most of Dalians annual rain falls in Summer, it is mainly at night so dont forget your brolly if youre out for an evening stroll.

Autumn – After a hot summer, the cool winds of autumn are a welcome refreshment. The average temperature drops to about 15 degrees and it is the perfect time of year to move from the beaches to explore the city!

Temperature in Dalian
Average temperatures in Dalian
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Zhuhai’s Climate

InternChina - Zhuhai climate graph
InternChina – Zhuhai Climate Graph

Zhuhai is located along the Southern coast of China, just a ferry ride away from Hong Kong. Due to its semi-tropical maritime climate, Zhuhai has a lot of abundant rainfall. The rainfall in Zhuhai is mainly caused by typhoons, which further cause rainstorms and thunderstorms. The golden months to visit Zhuhai is during the Autumn season so from September to December.

Spring is from March to May, this month sees the weather getting warmer each day. For every day wear, jeans and t-shirts would be appropriate and maybe a jacket for chilly nights along the coast.

Summer is from June to August in Zhuhai, as it is located in South China, this season can be very hot and humid with temperatures reaching 38degrees sometimes. Abundant rainfall occurs in July and August. It is suggested that you take sunglasses and a lot of sun cream if you are visiting the city during this season.

Autumn is from September to December. This is the best season to visit Zhuhai due to the cool temperatures and minimal rainfall compared to other times of the year. A light jacket and t-shirt would be suitable for everyday wear.

Winter is short in Zhuhai with just two months from January to February. This season sees a rapid drop in temperature so for everyday wear, a heavy jacket or coat with extra layers would be adequate.

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Chengdu Climate

InternChina - Chengdu climate graph
InternChina – Chengdu climate graph

The city of Chengdu is located in the western Sichuan province of China. The four seasons of Chengdu are relatively distinct. Due to its subtropical monsoon climate, Chengdu sees a lot of rain throughout the year. Most days are cloudy, foggy or drizzly. The golden periods to visit Chengdu are March to June and September to November.

Spring is from March to May, is it a pretty season in Chengdu with the grass getting greener and flowers and trees blossoming. Spring showers are common so it would be best to take an umbrella at this time. Nights can be chilly so long sleeved shirts or sweaters would be most suitable for everyday wear.

Summer is from June to early September and is mainly hot and humid. July and August sees heavy rainfall so always take an umbrella with you. Although it is hot and sticky, you can escape the humid weather by visiting nearby surrounding mountains where you will be able to catch a lovely summer breeze. For everyday wear, it is recommended to wear light cotton clothing and waterproof footwear.

Autumn is from mid September till the end of October or early November. Chengdu can be cool and damp during this season with sharp and frequent temperature changes. The beautiful Autumn nature along with the cool temperature makes it the best time to visit Chengdu. Jackets and umbrellas would be suitable when visiting at this time.

Winter is from mid November to February. This season is very cold due to the clouds and moist weather. Fortunately there is light rainfall in this season, however thick sweaters and coats would be most suitable for everyday wear here.

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Qingdao Blogs

Qingdao Climate

InternChina - Qingdao climate graph
InternChina – Qingdao climate graph

The city of Qingdao is located in eastern Shandong province and borders the yellow sea resulting in a temperate monsoon climate with distinct marine and oceanic features. The four seasons of Qingdao are comparatively mild, with no extreme hot or cold temperatures. As the city neighbours the sea, it is very common for strong winds, especially late at night. However, fortunately it hardily rains, maybe once every few weeks so no need to bring an umbrella here! The golden periods to visit Qingdao would be from March-November.

Spring is from March to May, it is a favourable season with plenty of sunshine. Although changes of temperature are very frequent, some days may be warm, whilst the next day can be very windy.
The end of April/beginning of May will start to get warmer as it approaches summer. A coat and scarf would be most suitable for every day wear in Spring.

Summer is from June to September, it can be quite hot and humid at this time. There are occasional heavy showers during this season due to being under the influence of the monsoon climate. July and August are the hottest months and it’s very popular to go to the beach and swimming in the sea. The fine weather also coincides with the annual Qingdao Beer Festival. Skirts, shorts, t-shirts and sandals would be perfect for days but bring a light jacket for evenings on the beach.

Autumn is from October to November, this season brings a pleasant cool sea breeze across the city. Although as winter approaches it is best to prepare winter clothing such as jackets and sweaters for everyday wear.

Winter is from December to February, is it very cold with frosty weather and minus temperatures. As the sea does not freeze but prepare to expect extremely strong winds. You should invest in heavy coats and warm sweaters as well as scarves, hats and gloves for the winter season in Qingdao.

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Intern China City Comparison: Climate

InternChina – City Comparison Climate

China’s climate is extremely diverse depending on the geographical location. Generally, the North is dry and very cold in winter and warm and humid in summer, the South is mild and humid in winter, hot and very humid in summer. The winter in West China is milder than in the North but temperatures can still drop down to zero, the summers are extremely hot. Of course, the climate also depends on altitude and the distance to the sea, so best is to take a closer look at the city you want to go to.

Now, if you take a look at our office locations we chose them not only because of the beautiful cities but also for geographical reasons. We want to offer nice places all year around, so for winter we would definitely recommend Zhuhai (South) as it is very mild in winters, some even say you could compare it to European spring. On some days the temperature can drop down to about 15°C and in South China you can’t find any heatings, however if you are sensitive to getting cold you always can use the air-condition to warm yourself up. Zhuhai winters are very short and there is no real spring, it more or less changes really quickly to summer temperatures.

Chengdu (West) would be the second choice for winters as the temperature is comparatively warm, however locals say that it is still pretty humid, which makes the temperature affecting you a little bit more. Chengdu winters are not very long, so in March/April you already can go out in T-shirts again.

If you are not coincidentally a Sibirian, Qingdao (North) would not be the first choice for winters, as it is getting really cold (and windy!). However, it is the right place for almost daily sunshine and usually it does not rain or snow. In Qingdao you can find a central heating system, so at least at work you don’t need to wear your long underwear during winters. 😉 Qingdao’s winters are longer than European ones, it often is around 0°C in March, only in April they have a very short spring and in May it is beach-time again.

If you want to come to China in summer, I would definitely recommend Qingdao as a first choice. The temperature is higher than in some european countries (like Germany, the UK or Scandinavia), however the fresh sea breeze keeps you stay refreshed and the beautiful beaches help you cooling down and relaxing by swimming or doing sports on weekends. In Qingdao we organize beach-volleyball every Sunday, where you also can meet other foreign and Chinese locals.

If you are a relaxed person who can take it easy, you are definitely recommended to come to Chengdu – people here are said to be really laid-back due to the extremely hot weather in summer. Beautiful parks and tea-houses invite for relaxing and you can find a lot of strategies from locals to cope with the heat. I personally find it relaxing to visit the panda research base when it is too hot as they have a really thick bamboo forest, which can offer some shade to cool down.

If you like islands and the sea, your place is Zhuhai. However, you should consider that in summer it is extremely humid in Zhuhai and often affected by rain and typhoons. However, you also can go the beach here, swimming and bathing, meeting friends and having beach-parties as rain periods are just very short (but heavy). The air in Zhuhai is very fresh and clean in general and a summer rain surely helps to keep it clean.

To summarize, China is all year around a fascinating place to visit and we always help you to make the best out of your stay. However, if you are sensitive to weather or a certain climate, it can help to take a look beforehand, which place would be the best for you.


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