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Weekend Trip to Xiamen

Hi, my name is Steeve and I am currently undertaking a one month internship in Zhuhai organised for me by InternChina.
Within my first day of arriving in Zhuhai I was approached with the offer to join the other interns on an InternChina organised trip to Xiamen, naturally I was slightly sceptical due to the long 10 hour bus journey. However, I reluctantly joined knowing that this may be my only chance to experience the cultural history of China. Once the journey to Xiamen began, I am very pleased to say that I was completely wrong to second-guess the trip. Although the journey was long it was barely arduous. Driving through beautiful scenery and breathtaking mountainous backdrops really made the long journey a lot easier.

Before arriving at Xiamen the bus stopped for a toilet break, during this 15 minute break I was pleasantly surprised at the warmth and welcome from the locals. They sat us down and served us traditional Chinese tea. Although my understanding of Mandarin is not the best the language of welcome is universal and this village optimised it.

InternChina - Villages
InternChina – Villages

During our time in Xiamen we were fortunate to experience the variety of different environments the city has to offer, ranging from religious temples, to island tours. On the second day of the trip, we went to an area just outside of Xiamen which consisted of seven villages dating as old as 700 years; Yunshuiyao, Tianloukeng Tulou Cluster, Taxia Village, Huaiyuanlou, Hekeng Tulou Cluster, Yuchanglou, Heguilou and last but not least Yunshuiyao. With beautiful scenery rich in culture and breathtaking streams and water features. We got to see traditional tea making as well as traditional rice wine making. We even got the chance to meet some of the villagers, the pride they showed in their culture was awe-inspiring.

InternChina - tianluokeng
InternChina – tianluokeng

While in Xiamen we also had the opportunity to visit a famous island just off the coast of the city, the main attraction of the island is the sunlight rock. Do not let the name fool you as it was more than just a rock we saw!!

We were also fortunate enough to visit the Piano Museum where we got to see some of the greatest collections of classical pianos played by composers such as Igor Fyodorovich Starvinsky.

The nightlife in Xiamen was quite vibrant and cosmopolitan with friendly people; those who could speak English would always say hello to you and make conversation which helped us feel so welcome.

I’d like to be 1st to thank all the staff at intern China for arranging such a wonderful trip. It felt less like being taken around by talk guides and more like a road trip with close family and friends. And I would like to encourage any in turn to grab the opportunity with both hands.

InternChina - Xiamen
InternChina – Xiamen

If you would like the opportunity to explore China, all while doing an internship apply now

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Henrik Larsen – “Working across Cultures”

Working in Cross Cultures 2

InternChina in association with HWAO Consulting would like to invite our partners to an exclusive business talk with Henrik Larsen. This will be a fantastic opportunity for your HR to sample a training delivery by HWAO Consulting and Henrik.


Date: 30th June 2016 (6月30日)
Time: 2pm (下午2点)
Address: An Guang Century Mansion, Floor 5, 2099 Feng Huang North Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai (珠海市香洲区凤凰北路2099号安广世纪大厦五楼)
Registration: RSVP to by Tuesday 28th June 2016 – please include name and job title of attendees in the e-mail. Spaces are limited.
(周二6月28日之前,请回复到。 名额有限。)
NB: The talk will be delivered in English.

Mr Henrik Larsen will deliver an insightful presentation on comparisons between Chinese and Western culture reflecting on the cultural differences encountered in the business world. Participants will be invited to join the discussion and share their own opinions and observations that they may have encountered during their own careers.

Henrik Larsen

Mr Henrik Larsen, the principal coach and consultant at HWAO Consulting, has a background in banking, IT, manufacturing, R&D and high-tech electronics. Besides his initial financial education, Henrik also has an engineering degree and IEP from INSEAD as well as being a graduate of the Hong Kong ProgressU, Professional Corporate Coach Certification Program (PCCCP). With experience across three continents, including 18 years of management experience in China, he has a comprehensive understanding of working in cross culture environments. Mr Larsen’s entrepreneurship has led him to co-founding Danish Chamber of Commerce South China and the FISC General Manager forum in Zhuhai City.


HWAO ConsulHWAO logoting, founded in 2012, is a boutique management consulting provider working with individuals and corporations who desire to better understand and improve their position in China, through business consultancy, board work, workshops and training, and executive, team and expat coaching. HWAO Consulting values harmony, customer orientation, ethics, result orientation and continuous improvement, all of which are reflected in the company’s branding. The Chinese character (hé) used in both peace and harmony, combined with a bullseye represents HWAO Consulting’s philosophy; ‘Harmony With An Objective’.

The scope of work that HWAO Consulting undertakes is quite wide, benefiting the client and allowing them to support all the Steps of Change (discovery, assessment, implementation, re-assessment, education, influencing, persuading, facilitating, coaching, and finally auditing or assessing the result). The three main lines of services are Consultancy, Training Workshops and Coaching.


 For more information please click here or scan QR code:                                

                         HWAO Consulting QR




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Brest à l’exposition Internationale d’Horticulture de Qingdao

L’exposition internationale d’horticulture est un événement très réputé dans le monde. Surnommé « les Jeux Olympiques de l’horticulture », il vise à faire connaître les technologies les plus avancées au monde dans les domaines de l’horticulture et la floriculture. L’événement a eu lieu 30 fois à travers le monde, depuis sa première édition en 1960 à Rotterdam.
Cette année, Qingdao a l’honneur d’accueillir ce grand événement sur ces terres, à Baiguoshan. C’est la 4ème fois qu’il se produit en Chine, et cela risque d’augmenter d’autant plus la notoriété de la ville, après avoir accueilli en 2008 les épreuves nautiques des Jeux Olympiques. En effet les organisateurs prévoient d’accueillir plus de 12 millions de visiteurs, durant l’exposition entre avril et octobre 2014 !

Le thème choisit pour cette édition est « From the earth, for the Earth » / « De la Terre pour la Terre». L’emblème de l’exposition est « Fleurs Colorés » et la mascotte est un elfe de la mer Qing Qing.

InternChina - Elf Mascot Seas
InternChina – Elf Mascot Seas

La superficie du parc s’étend sur 241 hectares, dont 164 hectares de jardins à thème et 15,6 hectares de plans d’eau. Le parc est tellement grand qu’il faudrait quasiment trois jours entiers pour profiter de chaque pavillon. Les infrastructures (payantes) misent en place sont vraiment impressionnantes : construction d’un téléphérique, mini voiture de golf à disposition des visiteurs, application sur les téléphones afin de connaître le parcours le mieux adapté au types de personnes (personnes sportives, âgés, famille..) et l’affluence des différents pavillons.

InternChina - Impressionnantes fontaines
InternChina – Impressionnantes fontaines

Les jardins répondent à trois concepts : l’originalité culturelle, l’innovation technologique et la création naturelle.

InternChina - Pavillon Thaïlandais
InternChina – Pavillon Thaïlandais

L’événement permet notamment aux visiteurs de pouvoir découvrir plus de 2000 variétés de plantes, terrestres et aquatiques, certaines très rares, et d’autres datant même de l’époque des dinosaures.

InternChina - Magnifique Jardin
InternChina – Magnifique Jardin

Le Pavillon International comporte plus de 36 jardins, dont un jardin a été créé par la Communauté de Brest. Pour cette occasion, M. Cuillandre, Maire de Brest (en France), s’est déplacé en Chine afin de l’inaugurer. Etant originaire de la communauté de Brest, j’ai eu l’honneur, ainsi que quatre autres brestois vivant actuellement à Qingdao, d’y être invité afin de représenter notre région.


InternChina - Le Président de l'exposition & M. Cuillandre accompagné de la délégation brestoise
InternChina – Le Président de l’exposition & M. Cuillandre accompagné de la délégation brestoise

Les organisateurs avait promis de créer un parc que les visiteurs n’oublieraient pas de sitôt, je pense pouvoir vous dire que le pari est gagné !

Quelques informations pratiques : L’exposition est ouverte tous les jours de 9h à 18h (fermera à 22h entre le 3 juin et 31 août). Les prix varient entre 100 et 160 kuai (11 et 18 euros) selon la période. Le parc est situé à environ 45 min du centre-ville. Des trajets en navettes sont organisés partant du centre et des quartiers extérieurs.

Postulez dès maintenant à nos offres de stages en Chine et venez ainsi profiter des nombreux événements qu’offre la Chine !

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My time with InternChina Chengdu

Tomorrow is my last day with InternChina. I have been interning in the Chengdu office, in a marketing/business development role for the past two months. Whilst I have been to China before, especially Chengdu, for travel/study and so on. This time round has been a real eye-opening experience for me. I was given the chance to study Chengdu’s unique business environment and in the process I have learned lots useful and transferable skills.

InternChina - view from our office
InternChina – view from our office

The marketing side of my internship was very interesting. I learned how social media plays an exciting and ever-changing role in reaching out to people, appealing to their interests or simply sparking interesting conversation that leads on to greater things. Thinking of your own ways to deliver content to a wide audience through social media always challenges your creativity and is exciting.

For the business development side of my internship, I have regularly been going out for meetings with or without my colleagues. Some highlights have been a mixer and an annual meeting held by the British Chamber of Commerce as well as several other business-social events held in local venues.

InternChina - Trying a little too hard to be British?
InternChina – Trying a little too hard to be British?

Aside from marketing and business development I was assigned several ad-hoc tasks as well, such as a video editing and blog editing/writing. Its been rewarding learning how to balance one’s time and efforts.

Most importantly, I have enjoyed using my Chinese for business purposes. Even though I am passionate about Mandarin and Cantonese language and culture, before the main purpose of speaking Chinese was to get a degree and to communicate with my Chinese friends. This time round I have used my Chinese in meetings, events and general business tasks. I would say my Chinese is already proficient, but having the chance to learn new professional vocabulary has been a real plus.

I will be coming back to Chengdu to intern with a local company here, which will hopefully turn into full employment after 6 months. I am therefore very grateful to InternChina for providing me a platform from which to develop my prospective career. I was given time to not only learn new things that will help me later on, but also to establish more connections here. Business in China is all about who you know. Good-old guanxi (關係).

If you would like to know more about a short-term interns role in the Chengdu Office, my intern interview will be uploaded shortly to YouTube. For information specific to Chengdu, as in living/nightlife….our blog is packed with useful information and first-hand experience for your reference.

If you are looking to garner some real, professional experience, why not do an internship with InternChina. It may just give your CV that boost you need, helping you stand out for future employers! Apply Now!


Mountains only one hour from Qingdao

No matter which area you live in China, there will always be fantastic places to explore nearby. This month, I visited Laoshan 嶗山, a beautiful mountain range around one hour from Qingdao, with a group of friends from InternChina. We organised a minibus to take us straight from the main city centre to the outskirts of the mountain area. With a very eager bus driver, we bought our tickets and took the coach up to the mountains followed by a cable car. There were hundreds of Chinese tourists as well as a few western ones; Laoshan is rated highly as one of the best scenic areas in Shandong province.
Already incredibly high up, there was a set of stairs to the highest viewing point. Getting up to the top was the hardest part of the day. If you are not active/ fit (like me) this is quite a task; I almost gave up at one point but the morale and support from my friends pushed me all the way up to the peak. But it’s like anything in life; you have to put the work in to reap the rewards. After an hour of several breaks and my mini heart attacks, we had made it…

InternChina -  The best picnic spot
InternChina – The best picnic spot

What a sight! Mount Lao is the highest coastal mountain in China and the second tallest mountain in Shandong, with the highest peak (Jufeng) reaching 1,132.7 meters. It also has an ancient history, as it is known as one of the birthplaces of Taoism. It is the place where the Complete Perfection School of Taoism was developed. On reflection you can see why this area has such a rich background with its breathtaking views and serenity.

InternChina - Bridge overlooking mountain
InternChina – Bridge overlooking mountain

We were blessed with beautiful weather and the views were spectacular, it really made you realise how big the world is. There was also an amazing wooden bridge overlooking the mountain and all the flowers at the top were in bloom.

InternChina - Chinese flowers in bloom
InternChina – Chinese flowers in bloom

Fortunately, the peak doubled up as the best picnic location you could ask for, but we were careful not to drop any crisps as they would be scattered around 100 meters below. And, after all that climbing – I was extremely careful with my Chinese style Pringles. Walking down the thousands of stairs was at least four times as quick. We got the coach back at around 4pm and we all felt exhausted but happy. My friends and I then had a delicious Chinese meal for dinner and went to bed – a perfect day. It’s great to do an internship with Intern China as these types of activities and events are always organised. If you want to take a trip away to from the city, or want to learn a new skill there is always something for everyone. I recommend anyone who comes to Qingdao or the other cities to go and visit something similar to Mount Lao and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Want to explore China and take in some of these incredible experiences? Apply now for an InternChina programme!

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Networking in Chengdu

Ming Pian
No ming pian – no networking in China. Your ming pian is you business card. It usually has two printed sites: One in Chinese and one in English. So everybody will be able to understand your personal information. The information is basically the same as on Western business cards: company name, your position in the company, mobile number, email address and of course your name. If you stay in China for a longer time you should get a Chinese name which will be on your business card as well.

My German name is Mosche, my Chinese name is 摩西 (Mo Xi)

InternChina- Business lunch with an American partner university


Since Chengdu is rapidly growing (13% growth rate – you can see it every day on the streets) a lot of companies chose Chengdu for their Western China headquarter. Therefore, there is a lot of business going around in Chengdu. With a lot of businesses in town, there are a lot of networking events as well. As I am responsible for the Chengdu Business Development for InternChina, I already went to several networking events.


Most of the events are organized by different Chambers of Commerce. The British Chamber, the American Chamber, the European Chamber and the German Chamber are holding networking events. Personally, I am really looking forward to the German Oktoberfest next weekend in Chengdu.

Generally these networking events are located in really nice hotels because it is a good opportunity to advertise their hotel to the local businesses. Hence, you always meet in a nice environment which makes networking quite convenient.

InternChina- Networking Events

While attending these events you meet a lot of interesting people from different industries, especially in Chengdu. A networking event is not only great for finding superb partner companies for InternChina, but also a fantastic opportunity to create your own network in one of China´s fastest growing cities.

Therefore, we always make sure that our interns in Chengdu can attend these events as well. Hence, they may not only spend a very interesting time in Chengdu by doing an internship but also make some lasting connections for their future.

InternChina- Chengdu interns enjoying a networking event

All in all, I can only recommend you to come to this fascinating city, which is a hub of growth in Western China. You won´t regret it!

Would you like to set the fundament of a great career in China? Then join us for an internhip in Chengdu!

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Huangdao Day Trip October 2010

InternChina- Eventful intern trip to Huangdao Island

We all took buses from our host families and then met to ride the ferry out to Huangdao island not knowing that later the wind would pick up and we wouldn’t be able to get back.  Funny story… We went to the beach and it was warm all day… and then the night hit and they shut down the ferry boat and we all had to ride a big bus home which they made us switch over to a different one and we waited one hour before we could leave because they wanted to fill the bus… It cost us 30 Yuan each… Great time all around anyways because we have such a fun group of people.