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Imperial Hot Springs Zhuhai

What would be a better option than going to a hot spring on a cold and rainy day in January? What if you just want to relax and maybe cure your hangover? Hot Springs? For suuuuuure!

So we put our bikinis and swimmming trunks on, jumped into a cab as we were running late and headed out to Doumen. The taxi ride takes about one hour, and costs 130RMB.

This is the address you would need to show the driver: 广东省珠海市斗门区斗门镇黄杨大道西珠海御温泉, Huangyang Av. West, Doumen, Zhuhai

Once there you can enter a wonderful world of 30 different hotsprings with different fragrances, temperatures and sizes. You will get slippers, towels and a rope. Your stuff will be placed securely in a locker.

Also included in the 168 RMB entrance fee are free sandwiches, fruits and various drinks, like water, coke, tea and coffee.

If you are tired of chilling in the hot springs or it simply got too hot for you, you can take a nap on the hot stones. There are also different extra services you can choose from like backrubs and massages, but this will be at additional costs.

Once you are finished have a shower, shampoo, conditioner and body soap get provided, so you can go home clean and relaxed.

If you are looking for a cheaper way of transportation take bus 609 back home. It only costs 6 RMB but takes about one and a half hours if the traffic is good.

My personal recommendation is the Coffee Hot Spring. Just aaaawweeesome!


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Hot springs and mountains fresh air – Our small trip from Zhuhai to Shaoguan!

It has been some time since our last official InternChina trip. After a busy September and a relaxed October (because of the Chinese national holidays) we came back on track with a small trip to Shaoguan.

The weather was surprisingly friendly towards us. Actually in Shaoguan city it was warmer than Zhuhai itself. Or this could be due to the excitement of finally continuing to explore China and its beautiful nature.

The road ahead

It may have seemed hard in the beginning to wake up at Saturday early in the morning (around 6) but that was soon forgotten. Surprisingly no one complained at all about the early morning! Maybe they couldn’t wait for the hot springs. So after a 4, 5 hours long bus ride we were finally in Shaoguan.

First on our list was to have a lunch together and then move in to the hotel. Everything was arranged and we were moving on schedule! Then we were off to the hot springs:




We spent more than 3 hours inside of the hot springs. The water was really pleasant and relaxing. Some of the mini-pools were actually infused with various Chinese herbs or milk which made them feel exotic. Honestly my skin needed this treatment. It felt a little strange since it was the beginning of December. While our European countries were fighting massive floods and snow, we were actually walking around in our swim suits. Definitely a different experience.

After we finished with the hot springs everyone was really starving so we didn’t wait for long. After returning to the hotel at around 8 in the night we gathered as soon as we could and went for a restaurant. Food was really delicious…as it is everywhere in China. After a couple of “dinner” drinks we were ready to go and explore the small city of Shaoguan! The locals were following us around the city as usual but they were really friendly and managed to help us out to find a proper bar where we could “experience” more of the culture in the city!

New Bitmap Image

I would say the night was a success! After a great game of Chinese dice, stage singing and many beers at around 1.30 we were all in our beds tired but happy.

The next day was all about mountain climbing. We arrived with the bus near the entrance of the mountain road. There were plenty of other enthusiasts going up to the top of the mountain. Waterfalls, huge rocks and small sidewalks paved the way to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately we couldn’t reach the top because we didn’t have the enough time. After climbing for 2 hours we reached barely the middle so we had to go back!



At the beginning of the afternoon we had to go. No one really understood how much leg pain we will have the next few days but everyone was happy for the trip we made. It was the perfect combination of relaxation, fun and sport.

We would like to thank Paul, Maddy, Henry, Sunny, Manish, Enrico, Fraser, Ralf, Kate, Chris, Jessie, all our Chinese friends that we made and myself for the great trip that we had. Can’t wait for the next one!

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An Exciting Hike

Hey there,
Wow, another week just passed by. Time flies! Unbelievable! I finally found my routine in the office and work is becoming more fun but I still learn more and more new things. On Friday for example we visited some companies. First time for me, wearing business clothes and having fun while being serious. Having put the first fear aside it was exciting to enter this unknown territory. Guess we all grow up after all.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Xinfeng about which Jenny told you in her latest blog. It was an interesting weekend, during which I got the chance to get to know the other interns that went with us a little better and also learned a little more about myself. I feel like it has been a week where I have learned more about myself. I will not tell you too much about the detailed program as Jenny will do that in her blog on Thursday – so don’t miss that one. 😉 But I still want to tell you about some things I experienced.

Starting with Friday evening on which we went to a restaurant near our apartment: As so often, the menu was written in Chinese and I just asked the waiter which of the dishes does not have meat in them. He pointed at some and I chose blindly one of them. What I got were noodles in a peanut sauce. They were delicious! So, I had them again yesterday.

InternChina – Noodles with peanut sauce

The next morning we started our trip to Xinfeng. First stop was Sakura Valley where all the cherry trees were in bloom and then we headed to the hot springs to recover from the day.

InternChina - Exploring Sakura Valley with two of the interns
InternChina – Exploring Sakura Valley with two of the interns

Sunday morning I began with my favorite Chinese breakfast: 肠粉 (cháng fěn). It is made of rice flour, egg, salad and some soy-like sauce. I love it!

InternChina - My favorite breakfast: Changfen
InternChina – My favorite breakfast: Changfen

Then we headed towards the mountain which we wanted to climb. On the way there we already passed many tree covered green mountains. The one we went to had its peak covered in clouds. After we got off the bus and took some group pictures with some random Chinese people we started our hike.

The nature was breathtaking beautiful – all green and small rivers making their way around huge rocks. From everywhere you heard waterfalls rushing down the mountain and had an awesome view over other mountains and the landscape around them.

InternChina - beautiful nature during the hike
InternChina – beautiful nature during the hike
InternChina - Cloudy mountain
InternChina – Cloudy mountain

This scenery made me and my co-hikers hungry for more so we decided to go for the peak. We noticed that 1,400 meters is pretty high for a mountain that does not have any steps to help us climb it. On our way we met three other crazy people who had the peak as their goal.

As it became more slippery and steeper the higher we got, we had to use roots and trees as a help – surprisingly no one tripped. When the mist from the clouds got so thick that we could not see into the distance, we started expecting the peak to show up around every corner but we were let down every time. Just when we thought we were the last ones on that climb we met a group of Chinese women who then told us it was one more hour to reach the top. As we were all totally exhausted and it was time to get back to the bus we gave up on the peak and made our way downhill. This was partly more difficult than the way up. But with some helping hands of another Chinese hiking group we finally made it to the stairs. From there it was just an easy walk back down to the bus.

InternChina - Exhausted but happy
InternChina – Exhausted but happy

This trip was a really awesome experience. It had everything from fascinating nature at the foot of the mountain to a thrilling hike in the upper part.

On the drive back to Zhuhai everybody was sleeping on the bus because we were so tired.

It was a really nice weekend.

Until next time!

See you and 再见,

Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜

Apply now for an intership and join us in the activities organised by us!

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InternChina SPA Day

If anybody is wondering how it is possible to work that hard and still be in an awesome mood every day- easy thing to do when you are living in China. Just rent a car and spend the whole day in a SPA!

Sunday 10 am- get into the car, drive through Zhuhai for one and a half hours and take a little break at the Jin Tai temple, right next to a wonderful blue lake. Having Lunch in a wonderful restaurant, where you can choose the fish they’re catching for you then.

InternChina – Lake in Doumen

Take a little walk- check! Do a little prayer in a temple- check! See some snakes on the street- check! Having a really good Chinese lunch- check! Time to jump into a hot spring, time to relax!

InternChina – SPA

The Yue Wen Quan SPA, also known as Imperial Hot Spring Resort in Doumen (Zhuhai Western Area) is one of the most famous open air hot springs in Guangdong. It has natural warm spring water, which is used since the age of the Tang Dynasty to cure all diseases, such as rheumatism, and to preserve the face, to sooth the nerves and to arrest convulsions. Because of its very high mineral content the hot spring water has more than 20 kinds of health care functions. Therefore a hot spring is also called ‘holy water’.

InternChina – Hot Spring

But what is a hot spring? It is produced be the emergence of geothermal heated groundwater. So, the heat of the Earth’s mantle is heating the water as long as the water is getting deeply enough into the crust. It will become warm then when it’s getting in contact with the hot rocks. The Yue Wen Quan SPA is one of those places where the earth heats the water, which is coming out then.

InternChina – Hot Spriiiing

In a really nice atmosphere you can relax in all the different pools and can take a bath in different kinds of tea, coffee and wine, as well as salty water, Coconut milk- or fruit water. Or you just can take a rest on one of the several hot stones. So, everybody feels healthy, relaxed and beautiful now. Let a new week begin!

If you also want to relax in the hot springs of Zhuhai, just send a mail with attached CV and Cover Letter to or apply directly through our website!

Internship Experience

First week: Some impressions

Hi,now I´m working almost one week in the office of “internchina” and it´s like wow!!!
It is not very usual to get so much work and responsibility as an intern, but I have to say that I have got much work to do, but it is very much fun as well.
The work is mostly really interesting and the working atmosphere is brilliant. Everybody is working independently and nobody stands behind you all the time and is cracking your head 😉 and the most important thing is, that you learn new stuff every day and you can take much practical working experience with you, which is very important for all companies you will apply in the future to get a good job.

Next week Frank our General Director is planing to organize a trip to the hot springs in Jimo with all the staff including the interns and the people who are doing the language course. I think it will be much fun.
Anyway the pictures he sent us are very cool… Just have a look:

InternChina- Houses-in-Jimo
InternChina- Houses in Jimo
InternChina- Hot swimming pools in Jimo
InternChina-Waterslides in Jimo

And I just couldn´t deprive you of one thing…
You have to see the awesome view out of our office 🙂

InternChina-View from the Qingdao InternChina office
InternChina-View of the Qingdao Marina

Even now you just can´t imagine how it looks in reality ^^

Xiàcìjiàn (See you soon)