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Interns on fire

Hey guys,we’ve been on fire last weekend in a traditional massage center in Qingdao…  They even showed us some more scarry stuff in movies what they are able to do (releasing blood from different parts of the body etc.) but as we were already scared enough to be on fire for half an hour, we decided only to go that far for this time. Made a lot of pics, however everyone looks kind of the same under the towels… guess who is who?!?
Cheers, Frank

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Good bye dinner

InternChina- Leo is leaving Qingdao!

Some of you might know Leo our terrorist 🙂
As InternChina is expanding, with a new office in Zhuhai, it has to be occupied by staff too…
Now the bad news for those who will stay in Qingdao…
Leo is going to leave to Zhuhai and he won´t come back…
Everybody is very sad about it, because Leo is one of the nicest and most helpful people I ever met and I imagine the others think the same as me.
Even if he was very busy, he took his time for the people who needed him and helped them first – even in situations like the following one 😉

InternChina- Leo working hard in the office

On Thursday Leo organized a last good bye dinner at a very delicious Korean restaurant and we had a really good time there, but afterwards when everybody slowly started to recognize that Leo won´t be there at the office the next day anymore, the atmosphere got calmer, as Leo became a friend to all of us in this short time.

I wanted to wish Leo in the name of InternChina and all of the other interns all the best for his path of life and hope he will be happy at the new destination and the new surroundings there.

Have a nice time and hope to see you again…
Maybe next internship in Zhuhai 😉

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Li Cun Market – very impressive!!!

Last saturday Jamie and Leo arranged our monthly round table with all the interns…We relocated it outside and drove about 40 minutes with the bus to the north of Qingdao. It is one of the biggest and most bizarre markets of this city and if you want to see everything on this market you should schedule a whole day. They really sell everything there. There were even some doctors who checked the people and medicated them if necassary. To give an exaple there was a dentist who pulled out the teeth of people in public presence ^^
Jamie divided us into some groups and gave us shopping lists. It was kind of a bargaining competition. The group which payed less money for all of the goods (a hat, men´s and women´s underwear, 5 eggs, 5 tomatoes, 50g green tea, 5 screws, one chinese new year decoration) was the winner… That was fun but have I mentioned that it were -10° outside and the wind made -20° of it 😉


After this great excursion the people who weren´t frozen went to a rock concert at the ‘Red Star’ office where the band ‘Free the birds’ from Beijing played. It was a very nice concert…
I like 😉


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InternChina Goes to Beijing!

InternChina- On the Great Wall

This past weekend (15th, 16th, 17th) of October; three interns- (Simon, Andrea, and Me) traveled to Beijing.  This is us at The Great Wall Of China.  While we were in Beijing we visited- The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace.  These were all spectacular!  The city of Beijing itself was like many cities (lots of people, cars, and confusion)- this was not fun… But the tourist sites are something that pictures or videos will never define or portray properly.  You must see them with your own eyes.

For more info. on Beijing check out!

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Climbing in Fushan


InternChina- Rock climbing in Qingdao

InternChina- Adventure in the mountains of Qingdao

Intern China has rock climbing expeditions around Qingdao.  We do these with our interns and language students but we also book individual and group treks as well.  See below…  Please copy and paste the link and check out our services!

InternChina’s Climbing Website Click Here!

Want Even More? Then Check Out!

InternChina News

Leo Makes the News with the Intern China Students!

InternChina-Our students making the news while enjoying the street barbeque

We made the news paper in Qingdao.  Intern China Students love the street barbecue because it’s good, fried on the grill, fast, and most of all cheap for the college students.  You can find them everywhere… Almost on every corner and it beats what I see in the U.S. cities with the hot dog stands by far.  We go out together as a group often (our language students and our interns).  Food always works and connects everyone together no matter where you are from.

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Football Game Champions!

InternChina- Qingdao Interns Football Team

Every Thursday we host a six against six football league with lots of interns involved.  It is located on Beach #1 (flood lit pitch).  Interns from France, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, China, United States (interns and locals).  Intern China won the championship and won a cool trophy to show off that is in our office.  This is a picture of the team above.

Check out for a good look at what Beach #1 is all about!

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