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Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street

This week we had our Zhuhai Office Christmas dinner. I know it is a bit early for a Christmas dinner but as some of us are going on our Christmas holidays and it was the only opportunity that the Zhuhai Office team would be able to get together.
We went to the Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street! It’s a really long street where the Chinese people sell super fresh seafood. How do I know it was fresh? Maybe because 80% of the seafood was still alive. I have never seen before so many different kinds of seafood, especially not in one place. I couldn’t tell what over 60% of the seafood actually was. It was really interesting to see how many different kinds of seafood actually exist. They were even selling shark and crocodile!

Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street
Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street

My colleagues Sunny, Morgan and Phil had already been to this restaurant before but for some of us it was new and we had no clue what to expect! The place was super Chinese and we were all excited about our Chinese style Christmas dinner. The street was lined with restaurants and all of them had seafood stands opposite them. We had to choose the seafood from the stands and the restaurant will then cooked it for us. Each restaurant had several waiters outside, so basically, from your left there would were people from the stands yelling at you to buy from them and from your right waiters yelling at you to go into their restaurant! In China you need strong bargaining skills to get the seafood for a fair price! So it was a great time to test our bargaining skills.

In the restaurant the waiter suggested 2-3 cooking methods for each kind of seafood and because we didn’t know what to choose, Sunny told the waiter how we wanted it to be prepared.

It was a surprise when the food was served, as every dish was actually new to me. Sunny then had to teach Pia and me how to eat some of the dishes because we had no idea.

chinese seafood dish
chinese seafood dish

Every single dish was just super delicious. The seafood which looked weird at the beginning turned out to be really good!

If you want to have a Chinese style Christmas experience then apply now and come to Zhuhai!

Eating out in Zhuhai

Seafood Street in Zhuhai

The easiest and best way to eat some fresh seafood in Zhuhai is to go the seafood street. You can select your own live seafood and just bring it to one of the restaurants on the other side of the street.

InternChina – Seafood Street

At Wanzai Seafood Street, at the Xianggang District in Zhuhai you’ll find all different kinds of crabs, oysters, prawns and fishes that you can imagine.

Just go to there, choose everything you want to have, pay a little money, walk around on that unbelievable long road full of fish with some plastic bags with live seafood in it and then choose one of the restaurants on the other side of the street and they will be prepared for your dining pleasure.

InternChina – Dinner

If you also want to join seafood in Zhuhai please apply now or send us an e-mail to!