Name: Amber Sun
Nationality: Chinese
Title: Cashier and Customer Relations Assistant (Qingdao)
Location: Qingdao, China

Contact details:

Bio: I'm the cashier and Customer relations assistant. I am responsible
for transactions and cash in the office and all accounts of InternChina.
I enjoy practicing my spoken and written English and have adapted well
to the new position. I am a true 'Qingdao ren' (Born in the city), so if you
come to Qingdao, I am always keen to share my experiences and my
wisdom about travelling and living in Qingdao. I would love to learn more
about the differences between Chinese & Western cultures and would
like to travel abroad in the future. In my spare time I like to play online
computer games, especially 'DoudiZhu' (fight the landlord!). Don't worry,
nobody else has heard of it before either! 
About Amber Sun