Name: Jenny Hofmann
Nationality: German
Title: Chengdu Office Manager and Group Program Coordinator
Location: Chengdu, China
Contact details:
Email: jenny.hofmann(at)
Skype: internchinaqingdao-jenny

Bio: In 2009 I got to know Intern China through a 5 month internship, which I enjoyed so much, that I decided to return to Qingdao after I finished my studies in Germany. From 2011 I worked for two years as the office manager in Qingdao and in 2013 took a new role as office manager in Chengdu. I am in charge of all interns in Chengdu and in touch with our partner companies. Because I know how it feels to be a 'laowai' (Chinese for 'foreigner') in China, I will put all my effort into helping you to settle in Chengdu. I believe that intercultural competence is the key to career success in our globalized world. Therefore, I want to motivate you to explore cultural differences and acknowledge them as highly valuable; for your stay in China and for your future!
I am also responsible for coordinating our Intern China Group Programs.
During my free time you can find me practicing Martial Arts (mainly kickboxing or thaiboxing) or improving my Mandarin skills by chatting with the friendly and curious Chinese taxi drivers. I speak native German, fluent English and enough Mandarin to get around in China travelling. My French and Vietnamese need a lot of work still.