Name: Leo Wang
Nationality: Chinese
Title: Operations Manager
Location: Qingdao, China
Contact details:
Email: wang.jian(at)
Skype: wangjian.internchina

Bio: I am in charge of InternChina's customer care. I oversee our three city-specific customer relations managers and after over 2 years experience with InternChina I know exactly what foreign interns expect in terms of service. Due to my good contacts I help arrange internships, apartments and host-families to our students. I am an expert in finding the best local restaurants, shops and places to buy cheap beer! I will be around to answer your questions and point you in the right direction upon your arrival in Qingdao. I also lent my name to the now famous Qingdao 6-a-side team 'Leo's Laowais', meaning 'Leo's Foreigners'. The team in which I played with Jamie was also made up of friends and many interns brought to Qingdao by InternChina.