Name: Morgan Dolan
Nationality: American
Title: Trainee Office Manager
Location: Zhuhai, China
Contact details:
Email: morgan.dolan(at)
Skype: morgandolan.internchina

Bio: I came on board the InternChina team in 2013. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, I have had a long love of foreign cultures and languages. I have lived abroad in Japan, France, the Philippines and China. All the while, following the mantra of; First seek to understand, then to be understood.
To help make this a reality, I have learned to speak French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian and Russian. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology with an emphasis on cross cultural communication. I am happy to answer and explain and questions you may have about China, as well as be a partner in adventuring to new places, new resturants and new activities. In my free time, you will find me Salsa dancing, practicing Yoga or sampling new kinds of Asian Fruit.