Name: Duan Yifan
Nationality: Chinese
Title: Director & CFO
Location: Qingdao, China
Email: duan.yifan(at)
Skype: internchinaqingdaoyifan

Bio: I create and maintain links with our partner companies in Qingdao. I also supervise a lot of our company operations and manage the company finances. I studied English literature with a minor in French at the Shanghai International Studies University and can therefore communicate fluently with our foreign clients. As a real 'Qingdao Ren' (local), I believe that Qingdao is the perfect place to gain business experience and enjoy nature at the same time. I like to go swimming at the beaches of Qingdao, play badminton and I am very curious about other countries and their cultures; I have visited the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Malaysia and Thailand and I am eager to discover more places.